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[Promotion] It Pays to Consume! - Thanksgiving Edition!

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  • [Promotion] It Pays to Consume! - Thanksgiving Edition!

    Duration: 11/23 to 23:59 PM on 11/26 Server Time

    Description: Use your Balens during this event and receive unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Balens spent during this promotion – NOT total Balens purchased. The rewards are as follows:
    • 500 Balens: 50,000 Gold and 50,000 Daru
    • 1,000 Balens: 100,000 Gold, 70,000 Daru, Level 1-5 Gem x 1 and Crypt Token x 100
    • 4,000 Balens: 400,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Level 1-5 Gems x 5 and Crypt Token x 400
    • 10,000 Balens: 1,000,000 Gold, 600,000 Daru, Level 3-5 Gems x 2, Crypt Token x 500 and Level 50 Legendary Stone x 200
    • 50,000 Balens: 3,000,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Level 3-5 Gems x 5, Crypt Token x 800, Level 50 Legendary Stone x 300 and Shadow Steed Card x 1

    Note: Each character may redeem only once, based on Balens used. Allow up to 96 hours for prizes to be sent.
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