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[Guide] Wartune Patch 5.5

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  • [Guide] Wartune Patch 5.5

    R2Games Presents the Wartune 5.5 Patch Update: Selling Eudaemons, City Buildings, and Knighthood!
    • City Buildings
    • Homestead is Where the Heart is
    • Knighthood Introduction
    • Modifications to Wilds & Archaeology
    • New Eudaemon - Flying Rabbit
    • Selling Eudaemons
    • Other Version Info

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    City Buildings

    Henna Lab, Amethyst Mine and Magic Inn have been added to the City. Warehouse, Gold Refinery and Cottage have been removed. Town Hall and Barracks have more functions.

    1. Henna Lab
    1. Players will now need to enter the Henna Lab from a building in the City instead of from the event icon at the top of the screen. However, the gameplay for Henna Lab has not changed.
    2. The Henna Lab is located in the City where the Warehouse used to be located.

    2. Amethyst Mine
    1. The Amethyst Mine entrance in Cloud City has been removed, players will have to enter the Amethyst Mine from the building in the City.
    2. An Amethyst Shop has been added to the Amethyst Mine building. The Amethyst Exchange at the NPC (Lilith) in Cloud City will remain.
    3. The Amethyst Mine is located in the City where Gold Refinery used to be.

    Tip: Click the Amethyst Mine building in the City and the entrance to the Amethyst Mine and Amethyst Shop will appear:

    Magic Inn
    1. Players can no longer enter the Summoner Cards panel from the character panel; instead, they can enter the event from the Magic Inn in the City. The gameplay for Summoner Cards has not changed.
    2. The Magic Inn is located in the City where the Cottage used to be.


    After the Warehouse building is removed, the upper limit for Gold storage will automatically increase as characters are upgraded.

    Gold Refinery

    After the Gold Refinery is removed, players may increase gold production and practise 'Alchemy' by entering the Town Hall building. The 'All About Alchemy' icon will also be removed.

    The following picture is what the new Town Hall panel looks like:
    town hall.jpg


    After the Cottage is removed, the maximum population will increase automatically as characters are upgraded.


    After the 'All About Alchemy' icon is removed, the Daru Alchemy feature can be found within the Barracks.

    This is what the new Barracks panel looks like:


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      Homestead Is Where the Heart Is

      Tired of fighting monsters all day? Now you can in your very own private villa. Stop by the Homestead (Farm) to relax and have some fun!

      How to enter the Homestead?

      Players may enter the Homestead where the Farm used to be located.

      What can players do in the Homestead?

      1、Players can find their farm and pasture in the Homestead, we have also made it easier and faster for players to visit their friends' farms.

      2、Players may hold Campfire Feasts indoors. (To avoid setting everything on fire, furniture will be hidden during Campfire Feasts.)

      3、Players may also select and arrange furniture to decorate their Homestead.

      Where to get Decor for the Homestead?

      Players may activate furniture diagrams by joining the Archaeology event in the Wilds.


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        Knighthood Introduction


        Character Knighthood Process

        After finishing Class Advancement, you will automatically receive main quests which will lead you towards meeting the requirements for Knighthood.

        Quest 1: An Audience with the King I - Class Advancement level has reached Lvl. 80
        Quest 2: An Audience with the King II - Fully upgrade Talent and Adv. Talent
        Quest 3: An Audience with the King III - Tattoo Attributes meet Knighthood requirements

        When you meet the Knighthood requirements, talk to Brad in Cloud City to start the Knighthood quests. When you start your knighthood journey, there are two different lines for selection. It depends on what requirement your Tattoo Attributes meet.

        New Knighthood Level

        After being Knighted, there will be new Knighthood levels. Characters will upgrade when EXP is full. There will also be new Knighthood icons to replace your old Dragon Soul level icons to the left of your name.

        New Skills and Talents

        After being Knighted, there will be new skills and talents. The original ones will no longer be used. There are two different skill lines, you can only learn skills in a line. No matter which line you choose, there will be two general skills available to learn. As long as your Tattoo Attributes meet the requirements, you can switch between these two lines whenever you want.
        knighthood skills 1.jpg

        There are seven Knighthood talents in total which can boost a character’s basic attributes. Each talent line can be upgraded using Balens or Bound Balens.
        knighthood skills 2.jpg


        Knighthood Equipment

        The new Mythic Knighthood equipment can be obtained via Holy Forging the Lvl. 80 Mythic equipment to Lvl. 2 - 10 stars, and upgraded in the Blacksmith along with new synthesis materials. Knighthood equipment will not only will be possessed with more powerful attributes, but also will keep the original equipment’s attributes obtained from Enhancement and Refinement.
        knighthood equipment.jpg


        New Multi-player Dungeon

        After being Knighted, two new multi-player dungeons will be available: Plague Marsh and Black Gold Cavern. These two dungeons only have a Normal difficulty setting for now. Knighthood equipment materials can be obtained from the new dungeons.
        knighthood dunegon.jpg


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          Modifications to Wilds & Archaeology

          Players may now enter the Wilds directly from Cloud City.


          Players may now teleport between any map in the Wilds without a level restriction.


          Gold Mines, chests and monsters have been removed from the Wilds.
          A new feature - Archaeology has been added to the Wilds.
          1. Lvl. 13+ players may open the [Archaeology] panel using the shortcut at the bottom right of the main screen.


          2. A [Prospect] icon can be seen at the top of the Wilds screen. Players may click [Prospect] to start a journey and follow the indicators to an archaeology spot. There they can dig for archaeological shards. During the archaeological excavation, the indicators will change from red to yellow and finally to green as players approach the right spot. Each player may join the archaeological event up to 30 times a day. Attempts reset daily.


          3. Players may collect different kinds of archaeological shards from different maps and exchange them for reward items. Archaeological shards will be counted in the archaeology list and won't use inventory space.


          4. There are 5 Archaeology levels: Novice, Junior, Expert, Master and Grand Master. Players can earn rewards such as rare mounts and exclusive titles for upgrading their archaeology level. Each archaeology level reward can only be collected once.


          5. Players will be rewarded once for activating every Archaeological Handbook.



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            New Eudaemon - Flying Rabbit

            Flying Rabbits are mage Eudaemons, they are good at attacking both nearby and faraway enemies. They have high MATK and low HP, with a medium defense level.

            Eudaemon Traits

            Flying Rabbits have high MATK and are immune to Amnesia Runes. They have a high magic penetration which can ignore a certain percent of MDEF; thus, they are excellent defensive partners in PVP battles.


            Celestial Energy: Ignores a certain percent of a target's MDEF with each attack.
            Clear Head: Decreases the chance to be confused.
            Eldritch Fire: Attacks a random enemy, players are first priority targets.
            Punishment: Deals damage to enemies in the front row.
            Reap: Attacks an enemy with the lowest HP, increase crit rate for 1 turn.
            Witch's Wrath: Deals damage randomly twice.
            Ghost Dance: Randomly attacks 2~3 enemies.
            Condemned: Deals damage to the whole enemy group.
            Delphic Sorcerer Chant: Removes a negative buff from a party member (players are first priority targets) and generates a shield for the target for 1 round.
            Delphic Sorcerer Blessing: Removes a negative buff from 1~2 party members.

            Dazzling Appearance
            dazzling appearance.jpg

            Level Requirement: Lvl. 70+ players may get the Eudaemon by joining events.
            How to use Flying Rabbit: Open the Eudaemon panel and click “Deploy” to send the Eudaemon into battle with the character.
            Eudaemon Growth: Eudaemon Upgrade, Equipment Upgrade, Skill Upgrade


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              Selling Eudaemons

              In this version, players may sell unwanted Eudaemons as they so choose.

              Eudaemon Attribute Panel
              selling eudaemon.jpg

              Feature Overview

              A [Sell] button has been added to the Eudaemon Attribute panel:
              After a Eudaemon has been successfully sold, the following items will be returned to players through in-game mail:
              • Fixed returned: Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x10.
              • Other items returned at a specific ratio (80% of the training items used): Blood of Zeus, White Iron, Blue Crystaloids, Green Flame, Blue Flame, Active/ Passive/General Eudaemon Skill Scrolls, Eudaemon Warpath Crystals, Eudaemon RES Reduction Essences and Eudaemon Resistance Essences.

              Returned items will be sent to players through in-game mail.
              Mail Title: Sold Eudaemon


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                Version Info (Other)

                1. Miscellaneous

                Edited Features:
                • World BOSS buffs can no longer be purchased.
                • Guild Chamber buffs can no longer be purchased.
                • Divine Altar buffs can no longer be purchased.
                • Total damage rewards for World BOSS have been removed.
                • Daily couple quests have been removed.
                • Bounty Target Rankings have been removed.

                • Battle Rating requirement is no longer needed when signing up for Guild Battle.
                • Battle Rating requirement is no longer needed when joining the Steel War.
                • Quests to get Sylphs have been simplified in that players no longer have to collect Sylph Essence. Players will obtain 4 Sylphs (Wind, Water, Fire, Electro) upon completing the required sylph quests.
                • Attributes (Intensity, Tenacity, Influence, RES Reduction, Resistance, Penetration) that did not count towards Battle Rating are now calculated towards Battle Rating. Consequently, players will find their Battle Rating soar after the update.

                2. Arena equipment sets have been removed from the Arena Shop.

                3. The Legendary Dragon Soul quest has been removed from the class advancement quests.

                4. Many more Crystaloids have been added as Solo Dungeon (Hero Mode) rewards.

                5. Skill effects for the advanced guild skill ‘Demonic Region’ have been changed to "Guild BOSS Battle Attributes +1%."

                6. Players are now allowed to input a number in the (Sylph) Upgrade and (Sylph) Enchant panel which means they can decide how many times they want to upgrade/enchant their Sylphs at a time. (Similar to the feature in the Mount panel.)

                7. After class advancement, when a player switches a set of skills corresponding runes will also change.

                8. Equipment
                • Sylph and Eudaemon equipment may now be upgraded even if they have Gems socketed in them.
                • The highest refining grade for Sylph Equipment has been changed from [10 stars] to [100 stars].
                • After upgrading, a character's gear enchantment, holy forge and refining levels as well as gems will be kept. (Refining level refers attribute type and stars.)

                9. Cloud City
                • The hot spot in Cloud City has been enlarged. Previously, players might find some features missing because they leveled up too fast. Now, some of the beginner quests have been simplified to avoid such issues.
                • Cloud City's map has been changed to a different one.

                V5.2 Map:
                5.2 map.jpg

                V5.5 Map:
                5.5 map.jpg
                • Lost Treasure has been removed from the game, but NPC Berdim has taken up the job of giving players main quests. Find him at the bottom right of the map if you want to talk to him.


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                  I hate walking in Cloud City right after they took the Sylph/Solo Arenas from the cool down section (was my shortcut). However, I am now curious of the one in 5.5 that I will make an exception.
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                    When you meet the Knighthood requirements, talk to Brad in Cloud City to start the Knighthood quests. When you start your knighthood journey, there are two different lines for selection. It depends on what requirement your Tattoo Attributes meet.
                    You should tell us more about this one


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                      knighthood sucks rise title too max it takes for ages...


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                        "Arena equipment sets have been removed from the Arena Shop."

                        eh, really. thought that was done over a year ago

                        who writes these?
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                          Originally posted by Gimmikc View Post
                          "Arena equipment sets have been removed from the Arena Shop."

                          eh, really. thought that was done over a year ago

                          who writes these?
                          Some creature with less brains than a sea cucumber.


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                            making the farm into 2 screens makes it much harder to manipulate and do friends farming. takes twice as long, is harder to pick out individual animals and crops. always clicking on wrong thing. it wasnt broke!!


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                              farm changes makes it so much longer and harder to pick out individual animals and crops, 2 pages instead of one makes it harder and longer to do. campfire in the house on the wooden floor makes no sense at all. cant chat while you are doing any of it. sheesh

                              getting rid of all my friends farms - too hard to do in multiple screens, takes too long. why fix the unbroken parts of the game???

                              u kidding with the homestead thing right? too difficult, too crowded, too long to do friends farms.
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