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UPDATE!! All players with issues locating or logging into their characters since the transfer are required to send in a ticket. Please CLICK HERE for instructions!
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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 2/18 @ 4:00 AM EST

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    they should stop favoring cashplayers and help non casher to get strong so that the casher can have more fun and rivals


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      the game no fun if i reach cashers and they recharge then run higher it will be boring i see alot of char left caching them is
      impossible i will waste all my time hahaha games are suppose to be fun


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        common r2 fix the awesome gift pack code error can't redem them now... fix them please ..... already added ticket about this issue but no good news from r2 side.... please fix this bug as soon as possible.... this error happens in new servers.....


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          Originally posted by LunarD View Post
          they should stop favoring cashplayers and help non casher to get strong so that the casher can have more fun and rivals
          Actually, they should fix the things the way they should be that would be benefiting all the players:
          • Group Arena: Should be matched evenly; no 3-second fights. Those who complain on how a fight takes 3-5 minutes, arena is not for you. Fights should be up to the players engaged to strategically plan for victory by any means necessary. I miss those types of fights to the point I nearly break my wrists in trying to have fast reflexes to get all four members' (in a team) commands in for that round. The arena now is super low BR vs super high BR; new server versus 3 year old server; Cliffords vs the puppies. You get my drift.
          • Events: Should be "unlimited" in nature. People can be pack-rats when saving stuff in preparation, but should not be punished/limited. Inventory is always scarce (even with the treasure inventory added) but to waste away materials and getting 1 of such a day, is a low blow.
          • Farms/Pasture: If you're going to make a small (pre-patch 3?) farm/pasture, at least scale everything else as well. The pointer is too big (as well as icons) and the field of range per item is overlapping. I could be trying to collect quickly from one animal after I did another, but I get icons from the previous and not the current one. One time, I tried to collect from a cow that is about (in real life scale down) 5 feet from the goat, and it didn't collect from the cow but annoy me with the sale/boost icons for the goat that it went and tried to sell the animal. If this is your gimmick for me to cash to either buy a spirit covenant or auto-farm item, you can forget it... FIX IT.
          • Check-In: This is the most important part when logging into the game. It is where we get our bound balens at times. Again, I am not looking to spend for VIP, so forget it. And for those who say that devotion should be important upon log in, there's a redundant link onto the left where the cool down list is at that you can click on to pull it up quicker.
          • Gem Conversion Type and Quantity: There's a bug in that interface that randomly changes a gem into one you don't want when you click on the quantity after selecting the targeted gem. It's rather annoying that I had to go back to reselect the gem I want it to convert into. The same goes for when you choose the quantity and it just sticks onto the gem you don't want. Do not ask me to post images to replicate as I am sure you can throw in 100 gems and see for yourself on each type, level, and quantity.
          • The Nefarious Game Box: When it was suggested the first time around, the intent was to put in all the games into one easy to use interface so you won't have 20 some icons floating on the screen. At the same token, make those games each day to be played at player's leisure. Instead, we got 3 games that operate once a week with no incentive; sorry, but the rewards that gave out doesn't compare to the ones that were handed before this mess. At the same time, you took out 2 games (favorites I might add) in the process.
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