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Class Wars Return on May 10th

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  • Class Wars Return on May 10th

    Destroy or be destroyed! Heroes of Balenor, take up your weapons and show the world who’s worthy of ruling your class in Wartune’s latest Class War on May 10th! Get ready to prove your might against all others in this single-class, cross-server event! Can you make it through to the Finals and be victorious?

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  • #2
    Can,t understand what kind of victory, when player even can,t kill eudemon or 1 sylph,(for who he make damage if all alive) but win


    • #3
      cuz its not class wars its rigged wars or who can spend the most money wars lol


      • #4
        Got double-shafted by devs. First, got locked out of a battle. Second, lost 2 tie-breakers in a row to spam healers. I KNOW I dealt a lot more damage to them. Both times, I was hitting them and they just healed, healed, and healed. Either it's a bug, or it's a new "optimization". I think I'm done with this game. It slants too heavily towards cashers and finds new ways to infuriate people. Fairness is alien to Wartune now. Good luck everyone else.