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Wartune Patch 7.0

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  • [Guide] Wartune Patch 7.0

    Click here for details.

    R2Games Presents the Wartune 7.0 Patch Update:
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    In order to surpass their current limits, ancient Eudaemons found a new way of upgrading - Willpower.


    Click the Willpower icon above the Eudaemon icon to open the system.

    Unlock Requirement

    Unlocks after class is knighted.

    Gameplay Info

    Willpower has its own growth and skill system.
    Willpower masters can only be set as a main battle unit (instead of a sub battle unit).

    1. Eudaemon Synthesis

    1) You can select the required Eudaemons to synthesize a Willpower master in the Willpower panel. Both Eudaemons should be Lvl. 10 or above, and not deployed for battle. You should have more than 2 Eudaemons of the identical type if you want to use a Eudaemon in synthesis. For example, if you want to synthesize Angel of Light, you need to have 2 or more Sanctuary Hunters and Scourge Mages with at least one of the Sanctuary Hunters and one of the Scourge Mages Lvl. 10+. Plus, you must set a main and sub Eudaemon during synthesis. In the Angel of Light synthesis example, you can set the Lvl. 10+ Sanctuary Hunter or Lvl. 10+ Scourge Mage as the main Eudaemon. Note: Synthesized Eudaemon may not be used in Eudaemon Patrol.
    2) During synthesis, only materials (from upgrade, enchant, refining and socketing) used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned. Returned materials are based on current equipment level. Following synthesis, Willpower will inherit the main Eudaemon's equipment. Meanwhile, the number of items consumed by the two Eudaemons for upgrade, resistance, and war emblem will count towards the materials Willpower has used.

    Returned Materials:
    During Willpower synthesis, only materials used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned:
    1) Enchant materials are returned based on the sub Eudaemon's equipment during Willpower synthesis.
    2) Upgrade materials are returned based on upgrade materials used by the sub Eudaemon's equipment.
    3) Refining materials are returned based on a certain percent of the number of attributes and stars obtained refining the sub Eudaemon's equipment.
    4) Gems socketed in the sub Eudaemon's equipment will be returned.


    2. Eudaemon Skill

    After synthesis, skills (active, passive and delphic skills) from both the main Eudaemon and sub Eudaemon will be kept, but cannot be used in battle. Only Willpower skills can be put into skill slots. Willpower skill level is dependent on the highest Main or Sub Eudaemon skill level. (Skill level <= 8) Willpower skill level cap will increase when the level of all skills in a vertical line are maxed out. Different materials will be required to upgrade Willpower skills after the skill's level cap increases.



    3. EXP Wheel

    1) EXP Wheel offers attribute bonuses for a Willpower's passive skill. Initial EXP Wheel level is Lvl. 0. EXP Wheel will advance by 1 level when all attributes are upgraded to Lvl. 10.
    2) The EXP Wheel includes an inner and an outer pointer. The inner pointer determines how much EXP a spin adds (+1, +5, +10, +15, +20, +50). Balens can be used to lock up to 5 EXP points. When an EXP point is locked, the pointer will skip the point amount when spun. In other words, the pointer will not stop on locked point amounts. Locking more EXP points costs more Balens.


    The outer pointer determines which attribute will get the EXP from a spin. There are 7 attributes: RES Reduction, Fire Resistance, Wind Resistance, Water Resistance, Electro Resistance, Light Resistance, Dark Resistance.
    The EXP Wheel consumes Will Gears (single spin) and Key of Will (directly obtain the largest amount of EXP).

    4. Willpower Talent

    1) Willpower Talent offers extra attributes for the EXP Wheel.
    2) 1 Willpower Talent Stone can be used to obtain 1 Talent Point. Talent Points can be used to upgrade corresponding Talent skills.


    5. Willpower Introduction

    Two Willpower masters will be unlocked in the new version. Void Emissary mainly deals magic damage while Angel of Light mainly deals physical damage. Compared to Eudaemons, Willpower has greater skill effects, attributes, resistance and viability.

    Void Emissary Skills:

    1) Active Skill

    2) Delphic Skill

    3) Passive Skill

    Angel of Light Skills:

    1) Active Skill

    2) Delphic Skill

    3) Passive Skill


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      New Dimensional War


      The land is changing again and with it the Dimensional War is getting revamped!

      Gameplay Info

      â…*. You can access the new Dimensional War from the original Dimensional War entry [City - Mystic's Gate].

      1. Entering the Dimensional War still requires Dimensional Coordinates. (Dimensional Coordinates are the same coordinates from the old version, the source and usage of coordinates has not changed.)
      2. The daily resource reduction rate depends on Dimensional Progress. The greater the progress, the higher the reduction rate. Resource reduction rates vary for Dimensions of varying levels. You may hover the mouse over the resource amount to view the reduction rate.

      3. Energy: Teleporting to a Dimension costs 10 Energy.
      4. Dimensional Occupation: When you successfully occupy a Dimension and benefit from it, you will see a chest icon beside the Dimension. If you occupy multiple Dimensions at the same time, you can view total rewards on the right side of the panel. As seen in the image below:

      â…¡. Dimensional Teleport

      You can see your Energy and a [Purchase Energy] button on top of the Dimensional map. See image below:

      â‘* In the new Dimensional War, the upper Energy limit is 1500. Energy recovers by 50 every 30 minutes and will stop recovering if it exceeds 1500, but you can still buy Energy to increase the number.

      Hover the mouse over the Energy bar to view more info about Energy.
      â‘¡ Walking in the Dimension, there will be barriers which you cannot get through directly. Different Dimensions have different barriers that will require various detours. See some of the barriers below:

      1. Information about the left side:


      Label 1 in the image displays revive times: You have 1 free attempt to revive and you can revive up to 10 times.
      Label 2 shows your Gold Keys and Silver Keys.
      Gold Key: Defeat Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Dimension BOSSes to earn Gold Keys used to unlock the
      Gold Portal. (You may find 1 Gold Key/1 Gold Portal in Intermediate and Advanced Dimensions, and 2 Gold Keys/2 Gold Portals in Expert Dimensions.)
      Silver Key: Defeat specific mobs to obtain Silver Keys used to unlock Silver Chests. Silver Keys drop in all Dimensional Maps, but only 1 Silver Key and 1 Silver Chest will drop in each Dimension.
      Label 3 (Dimension Rewards) shows the Dimensions you currently occupy.
      (Click to bring out a panel that shows Dimension Info. See image below: )

      Label 4 (Dimensional Map): Dimensional Maps differ depending on levels.
      On the Dimensional Map panel, you can teleport to any Dimension that you have occupied.
      DM9.png means you can teleport to the Dimension.
      DM10.png means the Dimension is locked and prevents entrance.
      Depending on the level (quality) of current Dimension, a Dimensional Map will pop out when you click the [Dimensional Map]. See image below:





      Note: A Dimension that is linked by a dashed line is a hidden Dimension that you have a chance to enter.
      Label 5 (Icon Info): You can check information about icons found in the Dimensional War.
      Click it to see the following page:


      Information about the right side:


      Label 1: This is an exploration map which shows your current position on the Dimensional Map.
      Label 2: Current Dimensional Map Info
      â‘* Mob condition for current Dimension:
      If you haven't eliminated the Eudaemon Officer in the Dimension, you will see:


      If you have wiped out the Eudaemon Officer in the Dimension, you will see:


      â‘¡ Ultimate damage mobs in the Dimension deal to you.
      â‘¢ Daily Resistance, RES Reduction buff bonus and Crystal Shard yield after you have occupied the current Dimension.

      â…¢. Appendix: Differences between the old and the new Dimensional War

      Some of the differences between the old and the new Dimensional War
      # Old Version New Version
      1 Energy Limit: 3000 Energy Limit: 1500 (Energy required for killing mobs has been reduced.)
      2 There were dimensional posts and an entry to the next level. Dimensional posts and entry to the next level have been removed.
      3 You could receive rewards as long as you occupied a dimensional post. You can receive rewards only after you've defeated the Eudaemon Officer.
      4 No map barriers. Barriers have been added to the map. You can make a detour or use buffs to remove them when you come across barriers.
      5 Compared to the old version, the new Dimensional Map is smaller and thus more convenient for exploration. The number of mobs has been reduced and you will receive better rewards for killing each mob.


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        Gift Party


        Lack Magic Inn gifts? Friendliness never seems to improve? Then join Gift Party to win all the gifts your heart desires!


        â‘* Click [Gift Box] in the Magic Inn panel to enter.
        â‘¡ Click [Gift Box] in the Time Box to enter.



        Event opens daily from: 12:30-13:00 and 19:30-20:00. (Event time may be adjusted, please stay tuned.)

        Unlock Requirement

        This feature unlocks at Lvl. 32 after unlocking the Magic Inn.

        Gameplay Info


        1. Event Panel

        â‘* Party List. When you have the required shard for a party, you can click the [Join] button to begin.
        â‘¡ Page up/down icon
        â‘¢ Remaining attempts to join Gift Party. The image shows there are 3 attempts left.
        â‘£ Current Shard. The shard shown is a Rare Shard (B).
        ⑤ Refresh/Sell icon
        â‘¥ Party creation icon/party info

        2. Party Constitution

        A party consists of 3 members. Each member's shard should be different and a party should contain one (A), one (B), and one (C) shard. Before you join a party, you can click refresh to change shards. Refreshing 1 time costs 25 Balens. You cannot change your shard once you join a party.

        3. Reward Info

        When all 3 eligible players are ready (Party Lead is ready by default), the Party Lead can start the party.
        Shards are divided into Common, Epic and Rare based on quality. Party Rewards are based on the party's cumulative shard quality. The higher the party's shard rating, the better the rewards. If you haven't joined a party, rewards for selling a shard will be based on the single shard.
        Each player can only receive rewards up to 3 times every day (party up or sell).


        Magic Inn Gifts that can only be gifted to Magic Inn NPCs.


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          Eudaemon Signet


          An easy way to obtain Eudaemon synthesis materials.

          Unlock Requirement

          Unlocks after class is knighted.



          This feature can be accessed from the icon on top of the game panel.

          Gameplay Info


          1. Click the signet icons (the icons in the red box) to receive stars and have all signets refreshed at the same time. You can click signets up to 20 times per day.
          2. When you click a signet that is the same as one of the unactivated signets presented on top of the panel (the suitable signet will flicker to indicate), you will have the corresponding signet activated and receive 10 stars.
          3. When you click a Signet that is different from any of the Signets presented on top, you will receive 5 Stars.
          4. When all presented Signets are activated, you will receive 50 Stars. (Signets that have been activated will flicker.) Meanwhile, the signets on the top of the panel will all reset.
          5. You can collect corresponding rewards when you have the required amounts of stars.
          6. You can click Refresh to refresh all Signets.
          7. You can click Refresh Rewards to refresh all rewards. Rewards that have been collected will not refresh.
          8. Eudaemon Signet reset at 0:00 daily.


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            Endless Abyss


            After Eudaemons advance to Willpowers, they will discover a new challenge - Endless Abyss. An immensely powerful BOSS can be found there. Shall you try your luck in this place?

            Event Entry


            The Outlands - Titans - Endless Abyss

            Unlock Requirement

            Unlocks after class is knighted

            Panel Introduction


            â‘* Shows current level and the number of BOSSes appearing in the next battle.
            â‘¡ Shows BOSSes on current level (up to 4).
            Highlighted icons imply that BOSSes in the icon appear in the current battle. BOSSes sent for battle are selected randomly.
            â‘¢ Displays Eudaemons that are going to join battle. During battle, players can manage skills for the Eudaemon in the P1 slot. Eudaemons in other 3 COM slots will cast skills automatically. Eudaemons shown in darker shades are sealed and cannot join the next battle. Players can switch Eudaemon icons to change sealed Eudaemons and determine which Eudaemon's skills they want to manage.
            â‘£ Players can adjust Eudaemon formation in Willpower settings. Note: Players can only adjust Formation during the first battle of each level. When players click [Challenge], they can choose to challenge manually or blitz after they've passed more than 1 level.

            Gameplay Info


            Players can send 4 Eudaemons to battle at the beginning. Players need to challenge a level 7 times before they enter the next level. Difficulty increases as players proceed. For the 1st-4th challenges, the number of BOSSes increases gradually, from 1 to 4. For the 5th-7th challenges, the number of BOSSes remains at 4, but the number of Eudaemons players can send into battle decreases, from 4-1. For the 7th challenge, players can only send 1 Eudaemon to battle 4 BOSSes.
            There are 32 levels in Endless Abyss. Players can use [Blitz] after they've passed more than 1 level.
            Endless Abyss resets at 0:00 daily. Players can only challenge Endless Abyss once every day.


            Each level drops fixed rewards: Will Gear, General/Active/Passive Eudaemon Skill Scroll


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              Clothing Refinement


              Refine Clothing to receive attribute bonuses!


              Open the character panel and then click [Clothing] - [Clothing Identification] to find Clothing Refinement.


              Unlock Requirement

              Clothing Refinement unlocks once Clothing is available.

              Gameplay Info

              1. Attribute Refinement

              Refine the 4 clothing slots to receive clothing bonuses. Refine the Weapon slot to increase PATK and MATK, Armor slot to increase PDEF and MDEF, Helmet slot to increase HP and Wings slot to increase overall attributes (the cost of wing refinement is 5 times that of the other slots.). Upgrade a clothing slot by 1 level to increase corresponding Clothing Attributes by 10%.


              2. Refinement Upgrade

              Refinement Stones can be used to upgrade clothing refinement levels. You can decide how many stones you want to use at a time and put the number in the Refinement Stone slot. Each Refinement Stone offers 1 Refinement EXP. When a clothing slot's EXP is full, the refinement level will increase.


              3. Refinement Level

              When clothing slots reach the required refinement levels and the required amounts of clothing are activated, extra Identification Attribute bonuses will be granted. For instance, when you have upgraded the Weapon slot to Lvl. 10 and have activated 5 or more Weapons, your weapon's Strength will increase by 10%. (Armor receives a Defense bonus, Helmets an Intelligence bonus, Wings an Endurance bonus). Green text means the conditions are fulfilled while red text means the conditions haven't been met. You can see how many pieces of clothing you have via the progress bar.
              When a clothing slot's refinement level reaches an increment of 10 (20, 30, 40, etc.), you must upgrade the other slots to the same level to continue upgrading the slot. For example, if you upgrade the Wings slot to Lvl. 20 and you want to upgrade the Wings slot to Lvl. 21, you must first upgrade the other 3 slots to Lvl. 20. The highest refinement level is 100.



              4. Attribute Bonuses

              Clothing Refinement Attribute Bonuses can be divided into Clothing Attribute Bonuses and Clothing Identification Bonuses. Basic attributes are displayed in gray text, bonus attributes in blue text and ratio bonuses for every upgraded level in green text. As the following image shows, since the Wings slot has been upgraded to Lvl. 20 and 5 pairs of Wings have been activated, the conditions required for "Clothing Identification Attribute +10%" are fulfilled. So Identification Attribute Bonus is 40x10%=4, with total attributes offered by Wings being 40+4=44.
              In the image the Weapon, Armor, and Helmet slots are all Lvl. 30 (each upgraded level increases ATK, DEF, HP respectively by 10%), and the Wings slot is Lvl. 20 (each upgraded level increases all attributes by 10%), therefore overall Clothing Attribute bonus is 300%+200%=500%. Bonus ATK from the Weapon Slot is 420 (Basic Attribute) x500% (Clothing Attribute Bonus)= 2100.


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                As a new settler to the land, you've probably been quite worried about the destructive creatures roaming the land. Thankfully, the goddess Sophia has made it her mission to help everyone out with a comprehensive rewards plan. She calls this plan "Experience". Follow her instructions to become an elite lord of the land in no time at all!


                "Experience" can be found by clicking the [Experience] icon above the [Inventory] icon.


                Unlock Requirement

                Experience unlocks at Lvl. 10.

                Basic Intro

                You can collect bountiful rewards for completing Experience quests. Sophia also puts special packs in the Experience panel to help you achieve your goals more quickly!

                Event Panel


                Gameplay Info

                â…*. Quest System:

                The Experience system consists of 4 sections: Growth, Exploration, Sylphs, and Eudaemons. Growth and Exploration unlocks at Lvl. 10, Sylphs at Lvl. 50, and Eudaemons at Lvl. 70.


                Collect corresponding rewards after completing the required quests. Discounted packs can be purchased here to help you finish quests faster. Please be aware that you can only buy a specific pack according to the quest you are on, so once you choose to collect the rewards for a quest, you will no longer be able to buy that quest's pack.



                â…¡. EXP Rate:

                EXP Rate is a way to record and measure each landlord's growth. You receive EXP Rate for every Experience quest you complete. EXP Rates are required for collecting the packs at the bottom.


                â…¢. Gift Pack System:

                Apart from the discounted packs in the Quest System, Sophia offers multiple supplementary packs. As long as you fulfill the requirements, you can collect supplementary packs to support your growth. Gift Packs are divided into Daily Packs and VIP Packs.

                1) Daily Packs:

                Daily Packs can only be collected on a day by day basis. Here are the respective requirements for the 3 Daily Packs:


                Daily Pack 1: When your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can collect this pack for X days in a row.
                Daily Pack 2: Spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it for X days in a row.
                Daily Pack 3: When your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it for X days in a row.

                Daily Packs reset at 0:00 and can only be collected once every day. If you do not collect a pack on a certain day, the pack will remain valid, until you collect all Daily Packs.

                2) VIP Packs:

                VIP Packs are exclusive packs offered by Sophia. Here are the respective requirements for the 3 VIP Packs:


                VIP Pack 1: You should reach the required VIP level and raise your EXP Rate to the required amount to collect this pack once.
                VIP Pack 2: When you reach the required VIP level, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it once.
                VIP Pack 3: When you reach the required VIP level and your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and collect it once.
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                  Overall Optimizations

                  1. Devotion Adjustments:

                  â‘* Added some knighthood Devotion quests.


                  â‘¡ Added 6 features to Devotion quests
                  Players can complete the 6 features to receive 5 Devotion for each. Here are the requirements for each quest:

                  Titan Temple: Challenge Titan Temple once.
                  Time Portal: Fight once in the Time Portal.
                  Endless Abyss: Join Endless Abyss once.
                  Henna Lab: Collect Henna, research in the Henna Lab, or raid other player's Henna Lab 1 time.
                  Speed Clearance: Join Speed Clearance once.
                  Guild Treasure: Collect 1 Guild Treasure.

                  2. Added a new item: Basic Talent Stone.

                  Basic Talent Stones can be used to upgrade Talent and Adv. Talent before knighthood. Using 1 Basic Talent Stone and the required amount of Gold can upgrade Talent by 1 level.


                  3. Materials used to summon Eudaemon (Eudaemon Dust, Eudaemon Soul, Eudaemon Blood) can be sold now.

                  4. Added the new title "Royal Defender" which can be obtained by activating all Eudaemons.



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                    Event Entry
                    When the event is available, players can access the event from the icon on top of the screen.


                    Event Server
                    Players from the same server group will join the same Crowdfund.

                    Event Rules
                    1. You receive 1 Certificate for a certain amount of Balens recharged. (According to the picture, you should recharge 100 Balens to receive 1 Certificate.) Certificates can be accumulated. Each Certificate grants 1 reward. The more Certificates you have, the bigger your chance of winning the Lucky Prize.
                    2. You can see the cross-server Crowdfunding progress bar in the event panel. When the bar is full, players can collect rewards based on their number of Certificates. The system will select a Lucky Prize winner out of the participants. Afterwards, Crowfunding will start over again.
                    3. If the progress bar is not full when the event time runs out, the event will be extended for one more day. Participants can collect rewards according to their Certificates. When the event entry disappears, the Lucky Prize and uncollected rewards will be sent to players' in-game mailboxes.
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                      Incentive Fund

                      Prologue: Get an Incentive Fund to help you save more!
                      Entry: Enter Incentive Fund via the icon in the top right of the screen.
                      Unlock Requirement: Incentive Fund unlocks at Lvl. 11.
                      Incentive Fund.png

                      Gameplay Info
                      There is an Incentive Fund Collection Day (including Double Fund Day) and an Incentive Fund Use Day. On Incentive Fund Collection Day, you will be awarded with a certain amount of funds according to a ratio based on your first Balens expenditure every day. (Note: To receive an Incentive Fund, your first purchase of the day should be at least the lowest participation amount in a single purchase.) If you spend on Double Fund day, the Incentive Fund you receive will be doubled! On Incentive Fund Use day, you can use Incentive Funds to offset your first purchase for the day. The Incentive Fund can only be used once and will only be used when your spending amount is more than your fund. The Incentive Fund will expire if you do not use it in a timely manner.

                      I. Functions Intro
                      1. The Circle: This area displays Incentive Fund Collection Day, Double Fund Day and Incentive Fund Use Day. In this picture, 7/3 - 5 are Incentive Fund Collection Days (Among them, 7/4 is Double Fund Day), 7/5 is Incentive Fund Use Day.
                      2. Info about Consumption: This area displays the minimum consumption required for joining the event; your consumption will only be recorded when it reaches the minimum. You should spend at least 100 Balens in a single purchase in order to get an Incentive Fund.
                      3. Cumulative Incentive Fund: This area shows the Incentive Fund you obtained during the event and the largest amount of Incentive Fund you can receive during the event.

                      II. Incentive Fund Collection

                      1. July 4th is Double Fund Day, if you spend 1,598 Balens for the first time on that day (amount has exceeded the minimum of 100 Balens), and you receive 542 Balens as a fund. (The fund has been doubled: 271x2=542.)
                      2. July 3rd is Incentive Fund Collection Day (not double day), you spend 4,831 Balens for the first time on that day (amount has exceeded the minimum of 100 Balens), so you receive 1,062 Balens as a fund.
                      3. If you haven’t spent balens on July 5th, during the event, you receive a total of 1062+542 Incentive Fund.

                      III. Incentive Fund Use
                      July 6th is Incentive Fund Use Day. If you spend 3,176 Balens in the shop (amount is more than the fund), you can use 1062+542 of your fund to offset the Balens, so the actual amount of Balens you spend is only 1,572 Balens.
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