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The mid-year July PVP Honor Announcement 8/7

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  • #46
    I don't know about the devs killing the game for free players they are also killing it for the cashers. I for one will not spend any more money on this game, have not spent for over 6 weeks now. I can't believe I have wasted nearly six years of my life on this game.


    • #47
      I play this game from almoust 6 years...I stop cashing 2 months ago,and like me are others too in our server
      a bit old in this game


      • #48
        want the old day's back with almost none lag and more free stuff for players dev's only care about money


        • #49
          Same. Noticed most on our cluster stopped.

          Crol S67 ~ Cupcake's silly *meowing* mage


          • #50
            think more and more will quit cus they keep on showing that they dun care about the players they need to stop opening new servers , stop with removing items we need.. need to fix gameplay some need to spank them really good so they get there head straight and listn and fix the game without removing stuff