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  • Wrong server recharge

    I recharge 800 diamond to get vip4 in S9, i playing S9 and click recharge. But i don't know why wrong recharge, it recharge for my Old server (S3).
    But i need to recharge in server S9, not have to S3. Please help me to remove this recharge from S3 to S9.

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    There is a drop down menu to select the server you want your recharge to go to on the store page. Generally, when the wrong character is recharged and currency needs to be transferred to the correct character, the character that receives the currency will be banned, and the currency manually applied to the correct character. Currency must not have been spent. Manual application of currency does not count as a recharge, so will not trigger any recharge events or increase VIP.

    If you are okay with that, you need to send in a ticket to, including the transaction number, the character you meant to recharge on, and your agreement to having the incorrectly recharged character banned to complete the transfer.
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      thanks you