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  • CLosing topics that are true

    Why would the GM's close a site ? Answer cause they are afraid that the truth about this game will lose customers

    Well I just quit because there is no rational behind what they say and do not support us but the company.

    I also just found out that the owner of this game is a Chinese company so that explains why so many stupid issues are in this game and no customer service.

    So if any of you still want to play you have been warned that its not a good company behind this game.

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    Now lets see if they close this topic as well just to safeguard themselves


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      If any of you need the true facts about this game please send me an email : [removed]

      I will see where are rights stand about being customers rights when playing online games.
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        Your thread was closed, and your account given a time out, due to the racist and profane tantrum that I had to delete.

        I understand that you don't like the answer you were given to the issue that resulted from not reading the patch notes or your mail, but that's no reason to be vulgar.
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