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WHY? (use bad cartoonist when you have good ones?)

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  • WHY? (use bad cartoonist when you have good ones?)

    LoA2 is one of the best graphic multiplayer games I have played.
    But there are some questions I cannot help asking myself when I see certain out-of-this-realm-details.

    Why does the Christmas Reindeer mount have its antlers back-forward?
    Didn't the cartoonist even bother to check a picture of a real deer?
    And the size of it looks like a moose-deer-crossbreed.

    And why does Angel of Void Kay have one horn hanging in front of her forehead that doesn't even remotely look like its attached to her head?
    And then another horn hanging on the back of her skull?
    I mean; why should you even pretend to put that kind of oversized horns on a beautiful angel?

    Why did you make Fallen Angel Elaine's left boob look like a torpedo without nipple, and the right boob look like a water balloon?

    Why did you use a Power-Puff-girl cartoonist to draw Eureka and Lulu, and a not a real artist like you used on all the other lady angels?

    Anyone else have any out-of-quality remarks?