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[S1] Paramount Live on July 11th at 0:00 EDT!

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  • [S1] Paramount Live on July 11th at 0:00 EDT!

    Please note that the first server of League of Angels III - S1 Paramount will be going live on July 11th at 0:00 EDT / 4:00 GMT / 12:00 GMT+8 / July 10th 21:00 PDT.

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    s2 will start at what?


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      when i watch the "new server pathing" R2Games done with those other games, it shows it will be 2019-07-20
      not even sure why u ask for new server, all it actually does is killing the game and fun in the game, first off those games can only be fun if it was actually alive the servers, and by keep making new servers is actually killing the fun outa the game, since it actually arnt that many people who play.

      Just watch League of Angel I and League of Angel II, both of those games is pretty darn "dead". friend playing on a server where its he and 1 other player, 2 players on the whole server, u actually believe that is fun?, but he on the other hand dont wanna start on a new server since he spent to much money on old, this is how they have made it, leaving people who actually have supported them.

      The history repeat itself, first League of Angel I, then same exactly copy League of Angel II, and now 3.......
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        stupid game