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Game freeze, client crashes

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  • Game freeze, client crashes

    I can tell you as new player you guys did horrible job.
    For first day and half game was ok but after i start playing more i guess all hell got loose.
    Games freeze all the time. When i go to arena battle game stop on loading, when i re-enter the game i see battle is over.
    Half of buttons do not respond on click on screen. When they do it take some time to see response.
    Today game is totally unplayable.
    I tried playing with chrome, firefox, your mini client no change.
    Than i switch to different computer with 16gb of ram, way to powerfull graph card and proc and same problems.
    Worst thing is i already spent some money on this game but for sure this is not going to happen again, from now on i will avoid all of your games and recommend others to do the same
    Server: [S5] Milbour Bay

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    I shall report your issue.


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      yes, let replace something that works really good with something that doesnt work at all, good job

      been playing wartune for years, till the lag was finally so much i had to quit, you R2 guys got that fixed yet?!?

      Started this new game, all free of lag, was very nice to play, until now, cant do nothing anymore, get kicked out all fun.

      no, like the person more R2 games for me...worthless...but then again who cares, im not a paying player


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        Sorry to hear you have been having so many issues. Hope the situation improves soon.