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Good strategy, ruined by poor execution.

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  • Good strategy, ruined by poor execution.

    Ignoring the obvious major deciding factor of winning in almost every browser game (it's money, for those oblivious to such things), this could be a much better strategy game if the following things were implemented:

    1) Take away the option to choose which faction to join, and automatically assign new players to the weakest (i.e. the least amount of players and/or lowest overall Battle Power). This would potentially create some much-needed balance. Which the game is in dire need of, in my humble opinion. It's far too easy for a person to create an alternative account, check out which is the strongest faction, then simply join them.

    2) Limit the levels between players who are snatching. This would help lower levels grow at a steady rate, as they wouldn't be able to have their stuff stolen from much higher-level players.

    3) Instead of an "energy bar" for snatching, limit the amount of times it can occur during 24 hours. Again, it would help lower levels.

    4) Sort out where the personal Invasions appear properly. They can occur in enemy territory, which is stupid.

    5) Re-arrange the map and locations of fiefs, so that you can't just cut-off a huge section of the map from a faction. While sure, this is very tactical, it also screws over anybody in that particular area.

    6) As a free player, the gap that can be created between free and spender is far too large. To the point where it becomes ridiculous to even try. If you want people to spend money, you need to give them incentive, rather than just make them feel weak. I know, I know. This is browser game 101. And will probably never change. But I'm in the mindset that if the game actually invites me into spending a little, I will do so (and have done in the past). But this game is so far unbalanced, it's not even worth it.

    7) Stop creating tons and tons of servers, which I know you will do, because that's how these games are run. Why not do something different? Break the mould of doing the same old nonsense that every other game out there does. Be different, for once. And that will bring in crowds of people.

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    Some great suggestions there kevinflemming. Be interesting to see what direction the game takes.