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  • freezing

    having trouble screen keeps freezing and when i refresh all i get is a black screen

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    R2 has been communicating this issue to the developer. The developer has stated they will do their best to resolve this issue. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and hope it is resolved quickly.
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      The issue to me looks like it may be a misconfiguration issue, probably something to do with cross server setup or the server having a low limit for the number of sockets it can have open at one time.

      It is illogical that the number of players are a problem, their are significantly less players here than there was when I first started playing which was on a version slightly earlier than this, probably less than a quarter of the number of players there were there are playing here, throw in the 5 years or so for hardware upgrades as well and unless the server it is running on is also running something like 20+ wartune servers then capacity issues seem illogical.

      Given we can't get onto battlegrounds or arena which are cross server it seems logical to me that the issue is probably connected to cross server settings, to me the lack of response from the server look like it is running out of sockets to accept player connections on, if I had to guess I suspect the server is tying up quite a few available sockets trying to connect to other servers that aren't available reducing the number available for players. Alternatively a misconfiguration of the server might be limiting the number of sockets available to less than the number of players trying to connect at peak times, that would explaining why no one can get into battlegrounds or arena since all the sockets could probably be in use by players at those times preventing the server from being able to connect to the battleground or arena servers to tell them who is trying to join and what their stats are.