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Thread: Merge servers and stop making new ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by briansid1981 View Post
    haha ok cheaters. let me guess u have pink pixie and just vip 6 like that other shujinko cheat lol. hey scruby ninja so tell me your vip level then.
    You're just digging your own grave lol. I doubt you will catch us even with the same stuff from the old bug. We already have most cash only systems maxed.

    IGN: Shujinko
    Server: (S60) Exigent Bluff
    Class: Rogue
    Plane: Eidolon
    Wings/Mount: Divine Wings/Pimped Seiryu
    Pets: Demon King (Gen 3), Golden Teddy Bear, Ultrasaurus Rex

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    my cash systems are maxed also and I didn't cheat to do it like you dummy. VIP 6 with pink pixie shows your guilt right there. So you shouldn't even speak your toon is not legit.

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    Congratulations to merge congratulate in just a few hours of the merge they have completed the last game players who have left the place.
    The less hourly respect they have made really great S2 handclaps for this

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