In this week’s update we’ll be introducing a powerful evolved hero, a glorious mount, and some Spring-themed Homestead Decor. Read on for details!

Update Time: Feb. 16th
New Version: V3.90

New Hero: Titan Warlord
The third evolution of Earthshaker, his skill Annihilating Strike has a 10% chance to disable the enemy Angel (from casting Angel Skills or Artifact Skills).
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New Mount: Holy Eagle
Glamour Skill: Eagle Guardian
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New Fairy: Fireball Kitten
A explosions fanatic, this naughty kitten accidentally blew up the Elves' pavilion while testing out her new gear... causing the road to Elf Village to be impassable for over a year.
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New Homestead Decor:
Spring-themed Homestead Decorations

Optimized the “Guess Who” feature to make it more enjoyable.

Upcoming Events:
1. The Smelting event will start on Feb. 20th (server time) with more items added to the Shop.
2. The 20th Cross-server Team Tournament will start on Feb. 21st (server time).

R2Games LoA Ops Team