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Thread: How to increase devotion ?

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    How to increase devotion ?

    plss help me with this

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    By doing all the daily task you can increase your devotion.

    Crystal Saga

    Please post at the right section. Thank you

    cmd>>ipconfig /release >> ipconfig /renew

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    First off you'll want to click the Bonus button found on the top right hard area of your screen:

    Name:  click here.png
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    Then make sure you've clicked on the Daily Tasks tab here:

    Name:  click here2.png
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    The list you see is what you can do to increase your devotion. Now, you can't access all of them at first, but as you level up, more and more will unlock.

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    but whats the point of increasing ur devotion. i have it to 90 and nothing seems to unlock or expand

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