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Thread: [Promotion] Fate Shop!

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    [Promotion] Fate Shop!

    Duration: 9/20 – 9/26 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: For the following week, all Crystal Saga players may make use of the new Fate Shop, where players may purchase select items with HUGE discounts! The Fate Shop is much like the current Item Shop, but with a twist. You may still purchase regular items at regular prices; however the Fate Shop includes a Limited Sale column. Several items will be displayed in this column, all with special prices. The Limited Sale inventory will be reset automatically every 3 hours.

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    Awsome, Ewings here I come

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    Squire of Statements Gimblewart is just another poster. For now.... Gimblewart's Avatar
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    im confused how this works.

    Bellas Chasm


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    Minstrel of Messages Shantie is just another poster. For now.... Shantie's Avatar
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    XD ewing wew

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    Herald of Harkenings rebel07 is just another poster. For now.... rebel07's Avatar
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    okay another casher event.. what a lame.

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    2new events only???
    Server:Belas Chasm

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    Non Gift-able?

    >.< Soul Sharddddddddddss =P
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    hope thats not the whole event taking them 4 hours to impliment lol

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    uerm were is the discount as the prices are the same just looks like u are limmited to the amount u can by thats how it reads to me

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    i need GMUT event pls

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