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Thread: [Coming Soon] Wartune 1.45 Patch Update--The New REVOLUTION

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    [Coming Soon] Wartune 1.45 Patch Update--The New REVOLUTION

    Fearless heroes of balenor,
    The time has come for you to prove your worth... Sharpen your blades then tips of your arrows and undust your spell books because Wartune is bringing you the new revolution in November! Feel free to scroll down to get all the details, or check our Content Update page on the website...which has exclusive information you can only find there!

    R2Games is please to announce that the 1.45 Patch for Wartune is in the process of being tested in anticipation of going live in 2 to 3 week's time. This update will contain many changes and additions to the game, and over the course of the following weeks we'll be releasing a teaser each day of what is to come in the new update.

    Before we start with today's teaser, I'd like the player base to know that the Level 55 PvP gear is a part of this update, and the gear will be going live at the same time as this update. With that out of the way, lets talk about one of the changes this update will be bringing:

    The VIP Wheel

    We've had a lot of requests to change the VIP wheel, and a number of those changes are coming with this update. There are few seeds in the wheel, and those seeds that are there, are now usually of much better quality than what we had before. Furthermore, we've cut back on the number and green and blue items offered, allowing players a better chance at purple items listed on the wheel. And to help with that, the VIP quest will now offer 10 VIP tokens, rather than 5 per day. This will allow players more opportunities to make full use of the VIP Wheel.

    And to whet everyone's appetite for the new Wheel, here are a few screen shots from the testing server, so you can see what the new Wheel will have to offer:

    Name:  VIP Wheel 1.jpg
Views: 44601
Size:  107.0 KBName:  VIP Wheel 2.jpg
Views: 44503
Size:  106.8 KBName:  VIP Wheel 3.jpg
Views: 44381
Size:  107.5 KBName:  VIP Wheel 4.jpg
Views: 44245
Size:  106.6 KB

    Cross-Server 3v3 Arena

    Tired of beating up the same old players on your server in the Arena? With the updated Arena, you will now be able to compete in the 3v3 Arena across servers in the same time zone!

    Name:  Cross-Server Arena.jpg
Views: 40025
Size:  14.4 KB

    Guild Chamber

    All guilds now hold a special territory: the Guild Chamber. The Guild Chamber offers guild members the opportunity to gain bundles of guild contribution and experience!

    Name:  Guild Chamber1.jpg
Views: 40239
Size:  90.9 KB
    Name:  Guild Chamber2.jpg
Views: 39626
Size:  86.0 KB


    Now you can blitz through solo dungeons and the Forgotten Catacombs! This new addition allows players to automatically complete these challenges, with an option to speed up the process.

    Name:  Blitz1.jpg
Views: 39014
Size:  54.8 KB
    Name:  Blitz2.jpg
Views: 38705
Size:  42.9 KB
    Name:  Blitz3.jpg
Views: 38459
Size:  41.2 KB

    Multi-player Nightmare Dungeons

    Think you have what it takes to take on the nightmare dungeons? Party up with your friends and challenge one of the many multi-player nightmare dungeons! WARNING: Big cojones are required as you’ll be facing Balenor’s most vile forces.

    Name:  Multi-player Nightmare Dungeons.jpg
Views: 38402
Size:  60.1 KB

    Guild Battle

    Think you have the strongest guild in the land? Well, now you can test your guild’s prowess in the Guild Battle. Each week, the top 16 guilds listed in the Guild Strength Rankings will be chosen to compete in battle. Rewards are based on how quickly guilds defeat each other. The longer you last, the better your rewards.

    Name:  Guild Battle1.jpg
Views: 38198
Size:  48.6 KB
    Name:  Guild Battle2.jpg
Views: 38089
Size:  46.0 KB

    Legendary Equipment

    Looking for the biggest and baddest equipment? Arriving in game are levels 40, 50, and 60 equipment sets. Outshine your competition, both in-battle and out!

    Name:  Legendary Equipment.jpg
Views: 38158
Size:  76.3 KB


    Finally, mounts are here! Move through dungeons and the Wilds faster on your majestic new steed! Not only will your new steed give you a speed boost, but it will also improve your overall character stats as well!

    Name:  Mounts1.jpg
Views: 37888
Size:  48.4 KB
    Name:  Mounts2.jpg
Views: 37831
Size:  44.5 KB

    Updated VIP

    Tired of waiting on cooldowns? With the updated VIP system you will never have to spend another dime waiting on building, levy, technology, or duel cooldowns!

    Name:  Updated VIP.jpg
Views: 37522
Size:  27.8 KB

    Improved Gem Conversion

    Convert ALL the gems! Have any gems lying around? Need a specific gem? Well, look no further. With the Gem Converter, players will now be able to convert all unused gems to any type of gem of the same level.

    Name:  Improved Gem Conversion.jpg
Views: 37668
Size:  69.0 KB


    Wartune gives you wings! Sometimes armor just isn’t enough; why not invest in some awesome new wings? Not only will they make your character look ethereal, but they also offer some pretty decent stat boosts too!

    Name:  img_0.jpg
Views: 28775
Size:  61.1 KB

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    do i see homestead gems in there oohhhhhh

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    wow :> look great xD
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    Herald of Harkenings
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    awesome! hope to see wings, mounts, heroic campaign, lvl60 or higher rings/jewel etc. nice to know that guild battle is in the pipeline.

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    Knight of Knowledge krackenker's Avatar
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    What is that shining thingy?

    ... .... can't we get an early vip wheel, it's so cruel to show that and say its 2-3 weeks away QQ
    Last edited by krackenker; 10-29-2012 at 05:58 AM.

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    Herald of Harkenings
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    oh please, they merely just restored the vip wheel to what it should be.

    Those shiny crystals are xp crystals for lvling the mounts.

    (Speaking with experience as seen from the chinese server)

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    Herald of Harkenings
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    Aug 2012
    looks great but dont forget lvl 60+ stuff, as in crypt gear, camp`s and MP`s.

    /Ziloria S3

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    in what level we can get mount?

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    Priest of Pontifications
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    Feb 2012
    Glad to see you guys decided to pimp the Wheel :3
    Now I do want to spend those Tokens, instead spending them, KNOWING I will get not so handy stuff from.

    Thank you
    and I can't wait to see all the other stuff you guys have in store for us
    S3 Worg's Lair

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    Cool Room 4 Growth

    Name:  Wartune.jpg
Views: 40532
Size:  4.9 KB great these changes prove your listening to us thank you. Can we get a way to hide the chat box. Keep the Bull horn but that chat box is to big, also someway to turn off the announcement and info that spam the chat.

    Thank You, HotZero
    S48 Imperial Encampment:

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