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Thread: Trick To get Crystalloids Without Doing Group Dungeons ~

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    Trick To get Crystalloids Without Doing Group Dungeons ~

    Well I Just Found a New Way to Get CRYSTALLOIDS through stamina ( Roaring Wet Lands ) just like u farm DARU from lvl 23 Solo Dungeon ( DUSKIN ARENA ) ...

    Requirements ~
    1. LeveL-21+
    2. Stamina And Stamina Pots (which u get from ur Quests from lvl 10-20)
    3. Roaring Wet Lands map uncompleted ( lvl 21-23 Solo Dungeon )

    Steps ~
    1. Enter the Solo Dungeon Roaring Wet Lands..

    2. Kill the very 1 monster .. then go staright .. u will find Serpent/Wyvern ( mini boss ) kill him to get reward/loot ( lvl 2 luck stone + crystalloid + 2 k gold )

    3. After killing Him N pick the Loot Come out ( Note : Do Not Complete the Dungeon or Mini Boss wont appear again )

    4. Repeat the Steps Again N Again till u get 10 Crystalloids ( dnt collect more because u wont get the 4th Broken Fragment in 1 day .. )

    5. the Third Broken Fragment can only be Bought from Crypt Shop so u need to Do the Catacombs for crypt tokens ( i recommend buy Broken Armour 1st for good Defense )

    Points To Be In Mind Before Doing it ~

    1. You Should have Enough Stamina ( ie : u need 200 stamina for 10 Crystalloids [20 stamina for each run] )
    2.You Should Have 2 Broken Fragments from ur Nether Forest runs ( ie: Broken Helm N Broken weapon )

    3. If by any chance u don't get the Broken wep or broken helm .. then dnt collect 10 crystalloids cz it will be waste .. in that case u hv to collect 5 crystalloids N do catacombs only 1 time ( the daily must do thing )

    Looking for ur replies ...

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    Well this was my Post i ever put on any Forum so plz .. just overlook my mistakes.. / any grammtically errors..
    i would be more than happy to reply / answer ur doubts ... ( if u guys hv any )


    Just a try to beat . Cash users atleast on 1st day when u can earn alot of gold N daru from arena rewards ...
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    These are the Crystal Saga forums. This post is about Wartune.

    Le derp alt. I remembered I'm logged on this account after I posted.
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