Before the Lord of Slaughter was completely annihilated, he scattered throughout the world the final remains of his power, which materialized into a chaotic and eternal form: The Void. Existing somewhere on the plane between reality and illusion, in this place you’ll find the last remnants of his legacy; show strength and be greatly rewarded, or else be defeated by his powerful minions. Players must be level 50+ and in a party to enter. Speak with the Battlemaster in Starglade when you think you're ready.

Recommended Party Size: 5
Quest Rewards: Depends on current level. Receive large amounts of EXP and rare items. Visit the Battlemaster in Starglade to enter.

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Upon entering the Void, you'll meet your first enemy: the Giant Scorpion. Defeat him to reap the rewards, including large amounts of EXP and rare items, and then move on to the next level.

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Be warned, the creatures that lurk here are powerful, and the penalties for failure harsh; perish, and you'll be forced to revive back in Starglade. Players may enter once per day, so use your attempts wisely.