...that nobody has ever asked him. But today we'll give a rare glimpse inside the world of R2Games. We'll start off with this question, sent in via PM, from "I'mtotallyarealplayerandnotimaginary" who asks,

"Stormaggedon, can we see a picture of your desk? I'd like to know how organized you keep it so you can completely focus on work."

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As you can see, I keep my desk 100% free of any work, there by forcing it to stay on the computer screen where it belongs. The computer screen is blacked out to hide all the super secret work I was doing.

For our next question, we'll pretend MemoryLane asked, "Storm, what do the folks at R2Games eat for lunch?" This is a good question, and I'm happy to pretend MemoryLane asked it so I can then be happy to answer it.

R2Games employees are very busy people with lots to do. So rather than allow employees a brief moment of freedom, R2Games spares many expenses to have the finest in low-cost food delivered to the office so nobody has to leave their desks.

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Pictured above is some "food" for lunch.

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Mmmmm....just makes me hungry just looking at it.

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Another day at R2Games, every meal a banquet! Well, maybe a buffet.

Feel free to PM your questions to me, Stormaggedon, and I'll randomly pick a few until I find some that I'll actually answer.