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[Patch Notes] 9/25 Server Update

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    any update for the crystal pack ?


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      Originally posted by mfknheal01 View Post
      any update for the crystal pack ?
      There was an emergency maintenance that took place to fix that problem:


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        Ty r2 for updating this to include less 2x token (trash to 90% of us), and adding in the Strange Energy (which we all need still)

        See below, sorry. :P

        Merge post please Rev, or simply remove these 1st 2 thanks :P

        Originally posted by chaoswars View Post
        what happen to the free cryastal tab its gone now i cant get any cryastals
        Goto your homepage, signin, and you can access the free xtal offers from there (I suggest using bookmarks for them in future). Sign in; "Account" button at top of homepage; right side click on "Store"; use "free" tab on left side, there ya go
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          seems good event with some more tokens
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            Players who opened Crystal Packs before the maintenance will need to file a ticket here: Include your character information and a brief description of the pack bug. You should be compensated from there. I have also forwarded the 2x Exp buff's inactivity.
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              Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
              IMPORTANT - This is currently bugged at the moment. Refrain from buying these.

              Duration: 9/25 - 10/1 11:59 PM (Server Time)

              Mini Crystal Pack
              Price: 40 Crystal each

              Each player can buy this up to 1,000 times per day.

              Mini Crystal Pack - Contains Energy Crystal x1, plus one of the following:
              • 3x Pet EXP Token x2
              • 2x EXP Token x2
              • Fire Lord Egg x1
              • Rose x10
              • Spirit of Ares x1

              Crystal Pack
              Price: 99 Crystal each

              Each player can buy this up to 20 times per day.

              Crystal Pack - Contains Strange Energy x1, plus one of the following:
              • 3x Pet EXP Token x5
              • 2x EXP Token x5
              • Fire Lord Egg x3
              • Rose x99
              • Shining Gem Coupon x1
              • Fragarach Shard x1
              • Spirit of Ares x2
              Hey Storm I bought a pack and got nothing is this what you were talking about being bugged cause i didnt know about this until i read up about it...
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                That is not the bug. The noted bug that existed for these packs did not give Strange Energies, as discussed and resolved via earlier emergency maintenance here: If you are experiencing current issues with your pack, you may file a ticket here: Include a screenshot of having opened the pack and not receiving anything (depicted in the lower righthand transparent activity section), and the GMs will proceed from there.
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                  will central starglade ever be coming back?
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                    Central Starglade will be returning the following week for the Oktoberfest event(s), as described in the Special tab of your game screen.