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    beastmaster has 7 green stat u can see,while other class has only 6,i guess thts why it does not have any special skills,mages are betrayed here in stat comparing others

    as orbs are flying objects,mages should have some movement speed added into frags,while all other carries heavy weapons,so mods should consider adding some movement speed in fragarch orb(augric)
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      Originally posted by R2CS_Rob View Post
      The developers have insisted time and time again that they can't add any additional bag or vault pages. However, I am trying to see whether they can create a second vault. Fingers-crossed.
      Im not gonna post pics just links to ur guys maybe 3 leading competitors. this is wowan365 this is xixi games this is yippee games

      They all solved the mystery of the 7th bag page, although sadly the vaults in all games end at 250 spots.