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[Patch Notes] 8/20 Server Update

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    That is really absurd to lose the Evil Beast gear upon just ONE failure for a 25% change. That is so Ridiculous, knowing the amount of Evil Beast Shards you have to burn just to make one piece of gear AND the amount you receive for all 3 attempts at the dungeon (max 9 if you are lucky). But now they have made it even worse. I am wondering what is next? a 10% chance to make a Potion?

    My other point is. Why does the purple Celestial Gear gets more dodge % than the Orange Gear itself? even 1% dodge still counts.

    Even some of the OS Purple Celestial Gear give more % than the OS Orange Gear. Unless the Numbers are wrong and the OS Orange Celestial Gear isn't showing accurate numbers.

    If you compare the Evil beast Orange gear to the Celestial Orange gear. You will find that only the Celestial Gloves themselves are better then the previous gloves. In the other pieces, a mere +10 to +15 points of green stats isn't a change and some just look exactly alike with a minor number boost. Even if the percentage is just a 1-2% boost than the previous version, it is still pointless to have that gear.
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    Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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      for everone to tag along for the celestial, if we don't try, they won't change nothing #14 come on peeps ^^ and you rev to #24
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