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[Promotion] New Item – Dungeon Key

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  • [Promotion] New Item – Dungeon Key

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Name:	DungeonKey.png
Views:	1
Size:	18.2 KB
ID:	1731960
    Name: Dungeon Key
    Availability: Forever and ever
    Price: 135 Crystal – Found in the Item Shop

    Description: Tired of never having enough dungeon attempts? Just can’t get enough of Zabuga’s pretty face? Look no further! With the Dungeon Key, players will now be able to enter a dungeon once more after using all of their dungeons attempts. Players may use their Dungeon Key for any mode and may use up to five Dungeon Keys per day per dungeon. An option, "Enter Dungeon Name (Dungeon Key)" will be added to every Dungeon NPC. Select this option to apply your Dungeon Key and you will be able to reenter the dungeon once more.
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    So this means 1 key = 1 more Dungeon run right?
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      QQ I've had enough of zabuga's pretty face.. too much of it in fact
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        Originally posted by SilentAssasin853 View Post
        So this means 1 key = 1 more Dungeon run right?
        That is correct. The Dungeon Key gives you one more Dungeon attempt. You can use the Dungeon Key 5 times per Dungeon.
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          awesome event but i hope this permanent event ~LoL~
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            About time there was something like this


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              ok ok just to elaborate coz im a noob n confused.... i wud have to buy 5 keys for 5 extra runs on one dgn yes? a key will disappear after i use it right?


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                I believe it is 1 key = 1 extra attempt and then the key is gone. You can use a max of 5 keys a day for 5 extra runs.
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                  what mob drops these?


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                    I believe that no mobs drop it, as the GM didn't say anything about dropping from mobs. As far as I can tell, you can only but it in the IS, for 135 crystal. Maybe you can trade it???(there wasn't the "can't be traded" in yellow)
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                      You can always buy the keys from other players if it's not tradeable - and hope they are trustworthy.

                      No mobs drop these keys, either.
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                        so if your a vip and wants to use this key you can have 13/13 dungeon runs right?
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                          Regardless, the key can still be only used up to 5 times per dungeon - VIP or not.

                          But yes, you will have 13 runs.
                          The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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                            so that will be 675 crystals each day for 5 keys(135X5=675)...3375 crystals for 5 days(675X5=3375) that adds up fast lol guess ill be sticking to just regular dungeon runs XD


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                              If I have VIP and I use up all my 8 runs, how many extra runs do I get with using 1 key? Just 1?