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[CS Activity] Daily Hunt Bonus!

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  • [CS Activity] Daily Hunt Bonus!

    Duration: 3/21 – 3/28 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 20+

    Description: Vicious beasts are slowly beginning to invade various territories of Vidalia! The king and his people are desperately looking for warriors to defeat these wild beasts before things get out of control. Once you have completed a Daily Hunt quest, speak with the Starglade Gate Guardian and be rewarded with Green Dragon Coin x2 and Red Dragon Coin x1.

    Note – These rewards may only be received once per day.

  • #2
    good red dragon coin, ty for the event
    IGN: xSpade
    Server: zensho Island
    Class/Job: rogue


    • #3
      I just saw the Green coins & was about to think its not worth it but the 1 Red adds a little help. Not the fact that I just reached Max level dang...was 1 of the only people in my server that did Daily Hunt every single down. Now I don't even need it anymore lol.
      Lil by lil my signature will become better.

      Ign: Sai
      Level: 130
      Class: Rogue
      Plane: Eidolon
      Honor: Emperor
      Server: (S31)TreeOfLife
      Guild: Rebels
      Pet: DemonKing


      • #4
        ugly event >_<


        • #5
          but better than none.
          Crystal Saga
          Server:Crimson Groves
          IGN: (S50)Bourbon
          Guild: (S33)DRAGONSHEART
          Lvl: 47 scion


          • #6
            i love most events
            but it could b better
            i hate to say this
            Love me ~~