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[Activity] The Tamalan Arsenal

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  • [Activity] The Tamalan Arsenal

    Duration: 6/7 (Post Maintenance) – 6/13 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Servers: All Servers

    Description: Visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive two Tamalan Arena skills: Ringed Throw and Untouchable. Typically only available in the Tamalan Arena, these skills can be used anywhere. Players may obtain both skills once per day. Each skill will last for 24 hours.

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    Untouchable sounds like its gonna be annoying in seng xD
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      another bunch of **** events


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        omg i know right >.< oww on tinosia delata we have a guild called bunnymafia gek
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          so i can use untouchable in Land grab this week?


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            haist...not reading...typically available in tamala >.<


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              Originally posted by dohnken View Post
              haist...not reading...typically available in tamala >.<
              `he means, Typically Only Available In Tamalan Arena, but now can be used anywhere....
              they want us to experience these skills even if we don't go to the Tamalan Arena...

              am I right? or am I right?`
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                They should let us experience Death Curse lvl 5 .


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                  O.o I couldn't use either of these skills in either Guild Resource OR Sengolia


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                    these skills cant be used in seng but everywhere else as far as i know i have used the and they are nothing special
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                      i hope they can make this skill work on afk mode really does help a lot in soloing dungeon it would save me some potions


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                        worst event i know!~