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Changing your Computer's DNS Servers to OpenDNS

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  • Changing your Computer's DNS Servers to OpenDNS

    Originally posted by Kagelol View Post
    Well if it is not working you can try this IP adress instead: and These are from google. i am using these currently.
    Ok, so.
    Since alot of people have been having trouble with DNS i figured it would be solved by using different DNS Servers.
    This guide only shows how to edit this in windows, not going to try explaining it for a different OS.
    Also in some situations one would wanna change the DNS servers of their Router/Modem this i wont explain either, if you wanna do this you should find it out yourself. By changing it on your router/modem you would make your whole network (every machine connected to the router) use OpenDNS for DNS Queries.

    So a basic explaination of DNS.
    DNS stands for Domain Name Service (or services idk). what it does is simply translating an hostname to an ip address. every website/server or whatever on the internet has its own IP address, since ip adresses arent really easy to remember they put domain names on it. like your browser doesnt do anything with the name. it forwards an request to your DNS servers(usually your ISP's) to resolve a certain hostname to an IP, and based on this IP it can connect to the server.
    What go's wrong most likely is that the DNS servers you are using cannot resolve the hostnames of r2games for some reason which i dont know.

    If somehow you change your DNS server wrong then you cannot resolve any hostname anymore. so this would mean you have internet access but you cannot visit any website.
    This is only when you do it wrong.

    OpenDNS is a free DNS service which everyone can use, if you make an account you can even monitor what websites get visited from your network.
    OpenDNS is very reliable and always works. atleast for me it does.
    This is bassicly what you should know about DNS and OpenDNS.

    This guide will contain screenshots of Windows 7, i do not feel like making a guide for XP since it would be a hassle.
    Its very simple. you open the "Network and Sharing Center"
    And do the following. Make sure you dont make a typo in the numbers (the ip address)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dns.PNG
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ID:	1732312

    Might you be less smarter then the rest and somehow mess up then you should change the following setting back to reset the setting to what they were.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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Size:	23.1 KB
ID:	1732313

    This is bassicly everything u need to do to change your DNS servers to OpenDNS.
    This setting only works for one computer, the other computers in your network will still operate on the default ones.

    If you experience even more DNS issue's i would recommend you clean your browser cache and or try a different browser.
    For windows computers what ever happands you should try restarting the machine first, believe me a restart does miracles.

    if after this you still have an issue u can try doing the following command:
    You need to open up an cmd windows (Start menu > search bar > cmd) or (Start menu > Run > cmd)
    It is possible you need the right click it and run as administrator, it does need elevated rights to execute this command.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	flush.PNG
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Size:	13.9 KB
ID:	1732314
    What this command does is only clear the DNS cache what would force your computer to make a new DNS query to your DNS servers to resolve a hostname.
    Doing this cannot harm anything on your computer.
    Last edited by Kagelol; 04-14-2013, 08:13 AM.

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    Nice, thanks...


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      This guide is still actual, you can use this to help you if you camp with DNS issues.


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        this works?
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          not working .. @_@


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            not working.
            at all.
            still the same problem, if not slower
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              Well if it is not working you can try this IP adress instead: and These are from google. i am using these currently.


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                For the recent problem, it's 100 % not working. Only way you can get in is if you found a proper proxy, I was trying around 100-200 proxies yesterday, all failed, furthest it can go is to open the forums, and that's about it.


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                  I tried this yesterday and...

                  It didn't work at all

                  Just like the guy above, I had to use proxies just to access forums, though I only had to use about 30+

                  If it happens again, I'll try the google one but I don't think it'll help.
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                    I'd be happy if you make a Windows 8 version of this guide.
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