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Ranger VS Rogue

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  • Ranger VS Rogue

    Which one is better in game

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    There are several threads asking this exact same question... Please, please, PLEASE be sure to search forums for answers to your questions before posting another one...

    Rogues Pros: Can Stealth (Go Invisible), making events such as Guild Resource a breeze, and making it extremely easy to sneak up on enemies (Especially ranged attackers). Pop out of stealth with a stun, perhaps follow it up with an additional stun and you get several hits of damage off on the enemy before they get a chance to attack. Oh yeah, and they deal damage twice as fast, as they attack with both hands, rather than one.

    Rogues Cons: While Great for PvP with their abilities, it makes them less ideal for those wanting to grind and get their levels up faster. Compared to most other classes, Rogues are the least equipped skill-wise to grind as effectively as any of the others.

    Ranger Pros: A very versatile class, they attack from a distance (Obviously) allowing themselves to get a few hits of damage off on a melee opponent before they get close enough to hit you. Often-times, it only takes a few hits to kill mobs when grinding and doing whatever else. They can be either Physical or Magic with their Damage (Only Class that has a choice between the two), and are the ONLY other class aside from a priest that has any skills that can heal themselves regularly. Rangers also have several traps that are great for PvP, along with quite the arsenal of powerful skills...

    Ranger Cons: Being such a versatile Class... Rangers are given more Strength when leveling (Not counting your attribute points you get to put into whatever attributes you want)... The Healing Skills and Traps are both in the Nature Tree, which is more so for the Intellect Attribute... While any other class, such as Rogue or Knight, who have two trees that have skills both based on Physical Attack (PDEF in some Knight's cases), or Mages and Priests, who have two trees that have skills both based on Magic Attack, The ranger cannot have the best of both Styles of play without severely diminishing the damage they do in both in comparison to going all the way into one attribute.

    I guess what it boils down to is, do you prefer close-range or melee attacks? Both classes have their advantages and disadvantages, but to label One of them better than the other would be unfair... Every class has their own benefits, which do you think you'd prefer based on this information?

    Server: Exelow Hollows
    IGN: Klowny
    Class: Knight
    Guild: Barbaric GuildMaster


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      Eh mortal nature scion anti mage eidolon hybrid: p u gonna want anaconda trap