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  • Best Blessing For Priest & Pet

    Well, i'm planning on making my own priest and read many guides in the past week, most were different from each other. I would really like to know, because i've barely seen this in any guides but what would a priest prefer in Goddess Blessing. Some use BoP (Blessing of Peace) - Either because they lack attack, and want more of it to kill the players much more faster Intellect/Luck/Matk bonus. However, some other people would like BoL (Blessing of Light) - More Crit, and crit strike chance increasing by 15% and the 50% Crit damage is a ridiculous means ridiculous amounts of damage occurring when priests crit, making the priest attack faster than the Blessing of Peace. However, it is hard to get Priests to have such high amounts of Crit. So, i really can't chose from them.

    Further More: I also would like to ask if what pet would be the best for a priest out of: BA (Burning Angel) DK, (Demon King) and Teeka. They are both great pets but some of the guides i've seen talked about either BA, DK or Teeka. I didn't see the point of a support pet because you'd be healing yourself? Bit obvious. But, You don't want to waste time healing in a match. With a attacking pet such as the Demon King, you'd like it because it inflicts nice amount of damage but can't do nothing more than attack o.o

    I would really like suggestions from the public (For you all who are looking at this) What is the best for a Priest? and may you please justify your answer lol. I wouldn't want a "BA the end." or vice versa for the others Thank you ^^

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    I prefer Light blessing, it allows insane DPS especially at end game. Many of my guildies have tested both BoP and BoL in avernal and pvp, and they all changed to BoL now. Don't worry too much about the low crit rate of a priest. With the correct set up, you can get 100% crit :P Here is the justification for what I just said:

    Originally posted by nubheals
    here is a screenshot of my toon with 3 priest buffs and no blessing:
    And my blessing is also Seal Broken Light, so yes, with blessing on I can roam around with 99% crit chance and 322% crit dmg :3
    Now that I changed my gems a little bit, I only have 98% crit chance with buffs + blessing, but my crit dmg can go upto 335%. In sengolia my crit is boosted to 108% without any crit title, so that's guaranteed crit there.

    BoL will also boost your hit rating by 15%, which is very important in PvP if you fight against a rogue. Most rogues will also be using BoL, so they have that +15% dodge. Without BoL, you are putting yourself at the disadvantage of missing A LOT. There is no point in having so high dmg when you can't even land a hit on the enemy.

    As for pet, I like BA because its AoE silence lasts 6s (compared to DK's 4s stun only), and silence also has a big AoE of 250 radius (whereas DK's stun is only 150 radius). Of course there is a trade off as a silenced enemy can still run away from you, but a stunned one can't. But then we have curses to help a bit with countering that, and as far as end-game is concerned, people will be killing each other so fast that running wouldn't be the choice in most cases, so again you don't really have to worry about this.
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      Thank you for your help It was a big concern for me, However, it will cost a lot of gemming to get that final increase in Crit rate. But, as you explained, it will be worth it. But i want to know Soul wise, Do you put up any of the purple for the Crit. I wouldn't mind doing it for extra boost on stats. I do need a guide on the gemming you have done to get where you are now. I cannot thank you enough I'll heed your words and go for the BoL and the BA.
      Just need your gemming guide (What you put in your clothing to get you where you are today) so it'd be beneficial to me as well as other priests who are reading this :P
      Oh, and also your soul guide... If it's not too much to ask :/
      My sincere thanks ^^


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        About crit in general, here is what I have that give me bonuses regarding crit (both on crit chance and crit dmg):

        - Cruelty soul lvl 9 (brilliance tree): +162 crit strike rating, +27% crit dmg
        - Simplicity lvl 10 (void tree): +96 crit strike rating, +10% crit, +20% crit dmg
        - Guild skill Enhanced Control lvl 9: +20% crit (also gives +9% attack/cast speed, +18% hit rating)
        - Full immaculate garnets in staff for a total of +785 crit strike rating
        - Full perfect fire opals in HoE and ring for a total of +72% crit dmg
        - Orange Netheran Covenant ring: +13% crit (only this orange ring gives crit chance, other orange rings including purga one give crit dmg, this is why I went for netheran ring even though by the time I made it, purga set was already available)


        For gem:

        - In boots, armor and hat, I totally ignore def gems like amber, sapphire and citrine because amber/sapphire are semi-useless (I could go further into this if you really need an explanation of why I said so), while crit def is bugged and is not working so citrine is also useless. I plan on using full jades later on, but for now all my gems are focused on making the offensive gems first.

        - In gloves, I'm using 3 emeralds and 1 topaz, but you can go full topaz if you want.

        - In weapon, I currently have full immaculate Garnet as mentioned above, I found out that garnet works much better than topaz for these particular sockets.

        - In HoE and ring, full perfect Fire Opals. I do not use Pink Diamond (attack speed gems) in ring because my main attack is Master Light Beam, which is more heavily affected by cast time than attack speed. However, if you plan on using default attack or blood beam a lot, and want to attack faster at the expense of lower crit dmg, then you can use Pink Diamonds instead of Fire Opals for ring.

        - In necklace, full immaculate Kyanite for the total awesome +60% cast speed, no alternative for this.

        (Note: keep in mind that even slayer ring/necklace CANNOT be socket, and only lvl 80+ ring and necklace can be. So if you just started out as a mortal, I think it is better to work on Garnets first and Kyanites / Fire Opals later once you start getting exelorn / purga equip)


        For soul: my main focuses are crit souls (the 2 mentioned in the beginning of this post), int souls (light tree and immortality tree), hp/reduction souls (ice, heart, immortality tree) and matk. I worked on crit souls first, so I could get around 30-40% crit even without garnet, orange ring or high lvl guild skill, then I try to balance out int and hp/reduction souls later.


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          Thank You Very Much
          But i have a question why would you add full jades if they're not really necessary if the end product (Immaculate Gem) only gives 1468 HP won't be a big difference when you're an Eidolon or Scion you'd have up to 100k hp. I also think the emerald gem is useless because of the crappy '238' healing you get just from immaculate lol. It'd be much better going all flawless topaz, even though it's semi useless attack is still attack lol for your gloves. Other than that, i'll follow the gemming ^^


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            I plan on getting Jades because beside that, the only other gems that can go into those equips would be sapp, amber or citrine. As far as citrine is concerned, it is totally useless due to crit def does not work at all. And from all the testings I did with my friend, given the same gem grades, 1 jade gives more "effective hp" than 1 sapp or amber.

            In gloves, if you plan on going full offensive, yes topaz is better. I'm just lazy to switch my gems to full topaz even though I can (the rest of the topazs are in my orange slayer staff), plus the additional healing I have is good for ladder as I don't take part much in pvp events.


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              Lol, Ahh i seeee!
              Alright Thx again lol I'm sure alot of people are gonna check this out, It'll help a lot!