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Sith's Comprehensive Guide to Priests

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    Originally posted by reinviting View Post
    It's a very nice guide. Help me through late scion and eido stages.

    A few days ago I decided to give magic blast a test(since I was full set on bloodpool but had a few spare sots.) What I found out were:
    1) I don't get the debuff; neither does my team mate. So I'm guessing it's fix in that regard?
    2) Guessing it's an extension of (1), but it doesn't activate frag proc as I've seen. (used in tg and with 13 monsters a hit and 10% chance for frost, then it should have activated at least by wave 7 but didn't)
    3) Don't have to target the person. When you use it it heals you the labled amount, then it does the dmg (small delay from dmg done and the skill healing you) The delayed damage is where you used the skill. For example, if let say you're at point A going to point B(wherever it may be). You use the skill on point A then head to point B. .5-1s after you're on your way, the skill will do it's dmg at point A.
    4) Same with 3, it's a good skill to decloak rogues. Although the range is very small there's still a .5s or so distance before you can get stun. Since there's the delay, it might be hard for them to turn around after using it again.

    Hope it helps a bit with the skill. if any other test come to mind, I can try.
    1,2: Yes they were fixed, I just haven't updated the guide haha
    3: interesting observations with regards to the delay in heal and damage.

    I really should update the guide with new info that some people have posted and sent as well as include a time stamp of how up to date it is lol
    Sith's Priest Guide


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      wow i just started this game on s74 and have been going off of what i thought was right. i just found this guide and i have to say, AMAZING. this guide has given me help on the stage im at now and what i should do at later stages. thank you very much for this guide and i cant WAIT to see how op i can get with this guide


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        Any tests/advice topriests for soloing things? Mainly high eido lvl, like solo ladder. Beeing back after almost two years and my server is almost dead, so not many players to party with....