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series of rogue question

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  • series of rogue question

    A question about devoid.

    does it need you to be 30% hp and less or does it need it for the target to be 30% and less?
    follow up question, is it reliable over the invincibility damage buff? (30% damage increase for 10 seconds)
    in terms of pvp and pve.

    I keep jumping back and forth with rogue build (shadow, combat, hybrid build to passive build shadow/combat) trying to get the best dps out of it.
    currently my aspd is 271% and if sperion trigger 481% (demonic gift) with 400% crit damage.
    my current build is combat with invincibility lvl 6 (+60% atk)

    what would be the better/best build to dish out greater damage to pve/pvp?

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    YOU need to be at 30% hp or under and in pvp your basically dead already if your hp gets that low since pvp here is meh
    PvE i'd say is same and u got death odor after all/rogue way to do things

    I'm no rogue but eh just my opinion.
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      yes , no



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        Devoid doesn't work on players, it's a pve skill and it doesn't work on every mob/boss, just most of them.
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          basically devoid is useless


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            Originally posted by rest21z View Post
            basically devoid is useless
            deviod is very uselss in pvp 30% and below to use means your dead when it doesn't ko in one hit.

            It does have its uses on harder bosses you can't kill but spawn near just take off your gear and devoid it tell it works. Netheron blast is much better later on in game.

            invincibility buff is nice for pvp it forces target to relock for that second you are invincible


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              yeah I forgot about that, even if it doesn't work it still does 207% attack
              Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies when you bake cookies and cook bacon