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    Hello, everyone! So, Anti-magerr here with another guide. This time it's Combat rogues! I know, most of you are thinking: "***, combat rogues suck at PVP," and youre exactly right! However, combat rogues are AMAZING at PVE, and powerful if done right. So enough of my talk, lets get to the guide!

    Stat Allocation: This depends on what you want really. If you want your rogue to hit more but do less damage, it is always good to hit alot. But if you like pure, unmatched damage, thats always fine too! So here we go.
    • 2 Strength and 1 Agility- This is best for hitting while doing Moderate damage.
    • Full Strength- Unscaled damage, off the charts for damage. Almost always gets the last hit in PVE.
    • Full Agi- Personally this is my least favorite, as well as many others'. It has GREAT dodge, but only has good damage when you have great gear as well.

    Ok, so this one is the most important for any Combat Rogue. I will only RECOMMEND skills. Ok, so from levels 1-10 learn "Double Cut", which deals pretty good damage. From level 12-20 learn "Blade twist", as this does EXTREME damage while lowering the targets PDEF. The right skill tree is up to you, but I always just put 1 to every skill on the right skill tree. Next, I would suggest getting 5 in both "LightStream" and "Vipers touch", because "Lightstream" hits multiple targets, so its good for leveling, and because "Vipers touch does TONS of DoT. Max double cut next, and then everything else is up to you!

    Good Luck~!
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