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    i have a kilin gen 1 and a kyubi gen 0. the kyubi has better stats compared to the kilin with its fused stats. but why does kilin gives me more overall char stats than the kyubi? is it because the kilin was fused and the kyubi isnt?

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    Well, yeah. If you compare the total stats of a fused Kilin (including mount level and if the mount was fed with lesser/normal mount food), there's a good chance it surpasses the stats given by a basic non-fused mount (considering mount level and feed as well). Simply because the kyubi is the latest morph does not imply it will have the better stats, given all the factors.
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      so how does mount and the fused stats boost the char stats?

      Kilin Gen 1 (level 20) = HP 108.1 (+36.9 fuse) Attack 81.6 (+28.3 fuse) Def 112.4 (+38.9) Heal 94.9 (+ 32.1)
      Kyubi Gen 0 (level 20) = HP 147.9 Attack 109.8 Def 153.3 Heal 131.7

      clearly, stats wise, the kyubi is better than my kilin. but why oh why, kilin gives higher boost than the kyubi? is there a hidden boost somewhere in fusing?


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        There are no hidden boosts to fusing, but I have come across occasional character bugs (a single toon that is, for some unknown reason, experiencing some negative effect that isn't generally exhibited by the population). You should submit your inquiries and screenshots of both equipped mounts (with no buffs) here, where the issue can be further looked into.


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          i see.. thanks for the help rev..