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A Day in Vidalia - bug?

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  • A Day in Vidalia - bug?

    Not sure if it is a general problem or just one affecting me. The quests requesting purchase of superior or major health potions for delivery to NCPs in Starglade or Bloodfang Village are not working. I had to abandon 4 of the 10 quests yesterday. This started a couple of weeks ago but then it only affected superior health potion - so the problem appears to be growing.

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    Please take a screenshot of the quest and submit it here. Also note what error you get when you try to complete the quest and state it here.
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      I'm not sure how to get a screen shot - sorry, never done one before.
      The quest has the superior potion underlined but it remains in white. If you buy the potion it remains white and you are unable to deliver it. You don't get any error message - you just can't get any further unless you abandon the quest. Normally the quest item would be highlighted blue and then turn to yellow underlined allowing you to complete the quest and receive the reward. As it remains in white you just have to abandon it before you can accept the next quest.


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        Pitkin what is your character level.


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          lvl64 - nearly at 65