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Problems Canceling VIP payments.

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  • Problems Canceling VIP payments.

    My husband's account was automatically recharged. He used PayPal. He has been trying all day to cancel it. He writes a ticket and gets no response what so ever. Not even a we recieved your ticket. He has written to them 2-3 times. His friends have also had the problem with automatic payments that they were not aware was going to happen and had no problem creating a ticket and getting a very fast response. He doesn't have them blocked on his email account. He is getting very frustrated.

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    Some email addresses don't receive responses from support at all. AOL and some ISP issued emails are some that come to mind. I suggest creating a yahoo or gmail account for tickets.

    Make sure your husband includes the email address linked to his account, and the paypal email address in the ticket. Try that, and if it doesn't work, have your husband reply to this thread with his character name and server, and I'll flag down a GM for you.
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      After hours of ******** around with the support team. He sent them a ticket with his hotmail account attached. And asked for his AOL email be changed to his Hotmail. He has to keep rpoviding all sorts of information and had to send it all to a third party which he was kinda p*ssed off about. I think they finally changed it.
      But they have no organization or anything. They asked him for the date he registered to play the game and I sent them a ticket asking and they said they had nothing to tell you that, no system they said. And to just check your email from when you signed up. Unlike most people I do save, but a lot don't save those types of emails. But it can be found here on the forum site which I found to be funny. They ask for a registration date but they can't provide you with it. Then deny there is any way to find it. But yet here it is on this site.