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NOT recieving generated emails....

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  • NOT recieving generated emails....

    Can a GM please PM me in game. Or someone email me(assuming its not from the same site that the game is from.)

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    There seems to be a problem with the auto generated email ticket confirmation for most. This has been reported, just waiting for it to be fixed.

    What is it you're needing to be PM'd about?
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      I cant get lost password emails either... My alt account cant log back in since logged out to check on crystals. I never got my account validated. Its saying account does not exist or wrong pw.... This account will not login. That is why I need GM assistance.
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        At this point in time, your best bet is to file a ticket regarding your issue. You can do so here: Briefly explain the situation and request that your password by rese -- the GMs will assist you from there. Because automated e-mails are not currently being sent out, it's highly recommended that you write down your ticket/case number to check on at a later time.