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  • lest loading

    is anyone else having loading problems??
    for me it loads till theres bout an inch let on bar and stays there its been like that all day

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    Which server are you attempting to access? I will test the server to see if I encounter similar loading issues.


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      S81 is the server

      still stuck on 98% loaded been sitting there for 10 mins

      now i cant even selete my toon
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        I have checked S81 and did not encounter any loading issues. As this is currently the only report, it may be an isolated problem. You can try the following usual fixes to see if it helps resolve your error:

        ~ Clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files
        ~ Refreshing your browser session
        ~ Using different browsers
        ~ Restarting your device/Internet source
        ~ Using wired connection instead of wifi
        ~ Using a proxy
        ~ Manually changing your DNS/IP address