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I just logged in and suddenly I lost my character!

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  • I just logged in and suddenly I lost my character!

    Okay, so as the title said, I just logged in today and when I click 'Play Now', I was asked to pick a character. Well, I know I haven't log in for quite a long time but still, it can't just disappeared, right? My character is definitely Level 20 and above. I do not have crystal but it must be not the reason,right? I always log in from [S14 Lycanmarsh] and I already make sure I logged-in in the right server. I notice that there are two more 'rank' 'characters' in this game. Is it the reason of it? So we all can choose new character? As I said earlier, I haven't play this game for quite a long time, so I apologized first if notifications were sent and I didn't know about it. So, can someone help me explain what is happening?
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    S14 was one of the servers affected by an unexpected series of character/guild deletion as well as forced marriages back in April. Players affected were instructed to provide information and were restored via server rollbacks accordingly.

    Character data is time sensitive, so your toon may be long gone by now. You can try your luck with a ticket to see if the GMs can locate your toon (if it's still in our database). Tickets can be filed through our support page here:


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      Thanks for your help. I will file a ticket there.. Thank you so much.