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    A level 1 mortal popped on server 25, 3 days ago ..

    Now after 3 days he is a scion with demon lord wings +2 and a snow Phoenix .

    He also admit in pm when talking to another guy that he use the mall thing.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	34444.jpg
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ID:	1777387Click image for larger version

Name:	12222121.jpg
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ID:	1777388

    Feel free to investigate this person .

    I leave this in your hands .
    It's important to make people happy, but you got to start by yourself

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    The chat you've provided cannot be considered legitimate proof, as copy/pasting can easily be manipulated. We will need screenshots of the actual PM. I would also suggest taking a series of screenshots over the next several days, with in-game timestamps, to clearly record suspicious leaps.

    Please file your report via ticket, including the player's IGN and server. You may request that the GMs review their transaction history and the team will examine cash > stats to see if they are or are not actual cashers. Tickets can be filed through our support page here:
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      If you look at his honor and rank , u'll see something is fishy about him .

      Also he moves like a bot in Sg step backward . step forward .. Dunno i don't want to harm him..

      But i don't like it when us the players work hard just to get our stuff , an this guy just pop up and get everything ..

      Support ticket sent .
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      It's important to make people happy, but you got to start by yourself