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cant stay connected on S87

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  • cant stay connected on S87

    hello everytime i try to teleport to a different town keeps kicking me off and saying lost connection to server and failed to connect what the hell is going on

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    I will log into S87 and see if I encounter similar disconnections. As this is currently the only report, it may be an isolated issue.


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      it done it to me 3x so far and i was in dungeons everytime

      and it just kicked me off again while i was in a dungeon come on
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        I have a toon that has been online in your server for nearly two hours now and I have yet to experience a disconnection.

        You may want to make sure no other has your login information, as they could be kicking you off, whether it be by accident or not. You can also take measures to reduce lag, which can cause disconnections (closing any unnecessary windows/tabs, hiding characters and effects, using a less populated instance, connecting via wired connection over wifi, etc).


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          i couldnt even connect for an hour straight but no matter just wont waste my time on here anymore
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