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confuse about the scion rebirth

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  • confuse about the scion rebirth

    ok so i just bacame a scion but i lost my mean quests since the scion rebirth in the forums here saids to abandon all quests but the rebirth 1 so i did
    and now i don't have any quests to do is this normal?? plz help

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    According to:

    Under the notes section states: Only optional quests that were not previously completed can be accepted.
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      Once you hit 80, any main quests you didn't do should be there tho, At least the 80+ main quests were for me.

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        Reemeber that quests and i am talking most of them have a level requirement, even though they may have been there at level 80 you will have to wait until you're the appropriate level to see them again.


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          You won't have any new Main quest till lvl 80, that is if you did all the ones you had previous before lvl 80 rebirth. This is normal I thought of the same thing till I get really high up in levels then started to get them again. You also get a few optional quest to around level 80+.
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            ok think u all for your help