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What is going on with the Xtals

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  • What is going on with the Xtals

    I purchased some xtals and not $5 worth yesterday around 11am it is 4pm today and still no xtals!!!!!! send 3 tickets to R2 no reply at all but the money was taken out of my account. Sent a message to a Mod and still no answer. I Would like to know what the HECK is going on with R2 I want my xtals or Refund me my money!!!!! This is not the first time I cashed LOOK up my History, this is getting a bit old a frustrating. Someone NEEDS to fix this Like NOW!!!
    Order number: 201603121054098250
    March 12th, 201610:55 AM

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    I will check on your order number.

    I was informed that your crystals have been delivered.
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      yea they finally delivered it around 1:30am thank for checking