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Extreme Lag - S94

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  • Extreme Lag - S94

    I know it's not my browser or my connection to the game. I can play any other browser or download game and have no issues with lag or ping.

    When I start up Crystal Saga on S94 I usually fail to connect to the server about 3-4 times before it finally succeeds. Then when it does succeed I can walk around for about 5 mins lag free. Then it hits, 18k - 99k ping/ms.
    I'm currently sitting on 40,244 ping for the last 5 mins. This only happens on Crystal Saga. I can go play Thundercall or any other game and have no issues. What's the deal R2?

    UPDATE - Just checked my ping: Click image for larger version

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    its beyond a ******* joke now. the server has been unstable since release. r2 needs to ******* fix it.


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      I'm currently looking for other websites that host Crystal Saga on their own servers, just so I can play. This is ridiculous.


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        totally agree we have waited long enough for a fix never a day goes by without crashes or lag its really annoying especialy when nothing seams to be getting done.. and we have lost 100s of items and hrs of server time

        and down it goes again.. wat was that.. 10mins playtime? probly about normal now.. 10mins playtime daily 23hrs of downtime.. GRAIT GAME.. JUST AMMAZING
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          I cancel'd my VIP cuz of this. No reason to be paying money when you can't even play.


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            yep im gonna do the same not waisting my money and being unable to play its ridiculous
            since this servers opening ur lucky if we have had 5 days play.. the rest has been unplayable