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Google Login Disappeared

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  • Google Login Disappeared

    I usually log into the game using Google, lets me choose from a list when I want to log my different characters in instead of having to re-type different logins and passwords each time. But as you see from Topic name and the attached picture, the option to login using Google has been deleted from the website, apparently.
    I've already filed a ticket using this account, with the same screenshot and just thought it would be worth trying on the forums to see if anyone else has the same problem.

    Edit: I logged in with facebook this time (to post this and to log my main character on), the emails are the same for my main account so I can still access that, but not my other accounts...

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    i have same problem
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      I have same problem.


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        Similarly, the same problem


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          tambem tenho mesmo problema, perdi todos os eventos de hoje, tambem segue anexo com problema igual aos demais


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            The issue with the google login method has been reported.
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              Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
              The issue with the google login method has been reported.
              Thank you, MemoryLane!


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                i hope you can fix this MemoryLane, i want chatting with my wife again