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Are the Chambers of Fate a permanent addition to the game?

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  • Are the Chambers of Fate a permanent addition to the game?

    It's just as the title asked. I am wondering since I heard mixed replies on it. Some saying it's staying, while some saying the next update takes it down. I'm Just looking for a solid confirmation. Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Well the maintenance thread says it expires on Wednesday. BUT it is also listed under the PVP tab as a perm event... so right now... I dont think anyone knows...
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      Honestly I think it's just going to be an event..not perm..
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        Idk either way, but the event for it could be the 2 tokens you get at the npc like how hellstorm was.


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          I think it's a permanent event because it's in the pvp tab, but that the limited event is just the 2 free passes. Those will probably be gone next week, but the actual chamber will remain <3

          I doubt R2 would go through so much trouble to code a whole area with monsters and prizes and so many different rooms with different goals just to take it away. It's gotta be permanent.
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            People get 1D+ and shop items from this event in just minutes. I really doubt it'll stay and it also says in the event tag 2013-01-24 ~ 2013-01-30.

            I do like this event though... Some times... >.>


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              Its good but Glitched?? Click image for larger version

Name:	CoF[Death**.jpg
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Size:	554.9 KB
ID:	1664131 ive been fighting it for ages now


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                Originally posted by R22913531 View Post
                Its good but Glitched?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]32986[/ATTACH] ive been fighting it for ages now
                it's not glitched. Took my alt 45 minutes to get to the end of it, when it's at 5% HP or so it regens.
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