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  • Ultimate Pay said to contact you.....

    I cannot file tickets on this site as I never receive the confirmation email with the ticket number in it, or I would not bother you here. Please contact me in my inbox so I can give you the information regarding my purchase that I did not receive. This is, by far, not my first purchase and I have been more than patient and have already spoken to Ultimate Pay twice today. The payment got "stuck" on their end, then manually pushed through to you, but I never received my xtals. Thanks for your time and attention.

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    Okay, so we need to get you a ticket that goes through successfully and gives you a ticket number.

    Try this- make a gmail or yahoo email account. In the ticket email address field, use the new gmail or yahoo address. If you already use gmail, then try it with yahoo- and vice versa. You should get your ticket number then.
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