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Mortals with sperion?

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    Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
    As I told mr.seagal, it is not your concern what I spend my money on. And it is also not your concern how much I cash.
    When we had the ESD packs in fate shop, I claimed that I only bought one of those, but infact I bought a few, but I prefer to not let people know how much I spend. It is not your concern, simple as that.

    If you don't know the sources for pc a.k.a. alts with vip running dungeons, 13 exelorn / purga runs a day, buying from other player, then you will never get enough pc for your mount. Maybe you should learn the basics first.

    But maybe you should get banned for your daily tos violation (account sharing).
    banned? Highly unlikely. I've had someone confirm with their staff on the live streams they have weekly during maintenance that account sharing is not a bannable offense unless it is determined that the use of another person's account is deemed to be abuse of the character's reputation or harassment to other players.

    But you're quite one to talk about bannings considering you REALLY hit the jackpot when it comes to alt abuse. You made hundreds of alts for those free mcs on the kong server. Literally thousands of mcs because of that kong promotion to get a baby demon pet while pet extravaganza (event at this time) was going on. If this isn't an example of alt abuse causing loss of potential sales in the thousands for R2 I don't know what is.
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      Is anyone even checking how that Level 1 mortal got that sup immortal sperion ? i say that annoucement ingame and a minute later the toon got deleted.


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        alright enough fun, back on topic since you're just hating on more wealthy people now. Alt abuse ain't nothing new, R2's servers are filled with people doing so for pet extravaganza and at the time gmut-event at 5-limit a day.
        The problem is a lv1 getting a sperion (at all having a sperion is impossible).
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          He just spawned a Black Panther as level 1 mortal.
          So I whispered him and he told me that he wasn't level 1 at the time when he upgraded. He just wants people to freak out.
          He gets the announcement, switches tab to delete his toon and then re-creates his toon as a level 1 mortal.

          When people view him after he got the upgrade, all they will see is a level 1. I can post a screenshot of that later lol.


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            ok that is impossible. Took me 1 second to click on view Gosh.

            You telling me he was not a level one mortal and he upgraded a sup immortal sperion (wich takes lots of soul prints) - so far so good

            Then he switches tab delete the toon (????) and recreate (????) it in less of a second. - impossible

            Unless I'm missing something here it 1st) does not make absolutely no sense 2nd) is not possible as several players did the same as i did and all of them saw the level one mortal, after few minutes THEN he was DELETED.


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              thread is closed. file ticket if you have proof of someone exploiting something