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Ticket does not work. Cannot request help.

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  • Ticket does not work. Cannot request help.

    Grettings, I am unable to post a ticket in the Support Ticket System. Even though I appear in the log-in, it says my character or account doesn't exist. My first issue is items dissapearing out of my vault. On 7/26 I had six Frageron Soul Essence vanished. On 7/27 six more vanished. I also lost 20 2x drop tokens on 7/26.

    I need the system updated with my account so I can make tickets or request assistance please.

    My nickname is zagrodzkyz. My birthday is 4/20/62. My main character is ZaxFX and I play on [S63** Hellstorm

    I play every day and support my server all most daily.

    Thanks Admins for any help you can give me. This issue is making it very hard to upgrade my Frag sword and costing a lot of gold.

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    Are you using zagrodzkyz in the Account Name field in the ticket form?
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      my log-in is my entire e-mail but I will try using just my knickname.


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        Using my knickname worked. I was able to complete a support ticket and submit. Thank you so much for the help!!!!