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  • hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how many god damn times do i have to file Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ tickets and post in the Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ forum before you useless Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ can respond to a damn ticket and give me my Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ crystals!!!!!!!!! im Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢ ****** now, do your Bunny Wabbitsâ„¢job!!!!!!!!!
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    I looked at your post history and I don't see anything since August. Can you please be a little more specific about the issue you are having? Perhaps you can include a your ticket number as well.
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      Ticket #440376

      i use 6 accounts at a time, so i dont rly pay attention to what acct is logged in forum. sry for my colorful use of the english language, but seriously... its gotten ridiculous


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        just to give u a quick rundown of the situation, i filed a ticket on sept 19th, took 7 days for response. i replied, and then it took about another 2 weeks for a response. i replied again and they havent responded to that ticket since oct 11.
        i made a new ticket on the 15th and 18th, both unanswered as well. this is brutal how they treat their customers.


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          oh i got a response on my most recent ticket, they said "do not file multiple tickets on the same issue"

          they didnt say anything about my missing crystals nor did they send them to my character. why are they being idiots? this has gone on long enough


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            lalala still waiting.


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              am iever going to get my crystals?